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A Channeled Message for the New Year

My last post revealed how my spiritual journey was jump-started in 1993 through an encounter with a guiding voice that helped me during an incredibly profound meditation.  As the years progressed I began to communicate more often with that voice through stillness, breath work, and journaling.  Eventually (when I finally asked!) the voice identified itself as At One, a group of energies who have never embodied in human form but have for many years been here in light form.  In 2005 At One began to speak through me.  At One offers guidance to us humans, helping us navigate day-to-day ‘mindfields’, teaching us about Universal principles and how to put them into practice in order to make our lives more joyful and prosperous all ways.  Those Law of Attraction (you are what you think, what you focus on grows) teachings have helped me reshape the way I think about myself and the world around me, moving me from a place of victimhood to empowerment.  I channel At One’s wisdom for others and am happy to do so on this blog.

As we approach a new year and recommit to living our best lives, I would like to open the channels and allow At One to pass on some news about the revitalizing energies of 2009:

‘As you continue to move forward on your personal journey, we invite you to open your self to the idea of greater collaboration and cooperation.  During the first two months of your new year, 2009, there will be an abundance of opportunities to re-enforce the softness that many of you felt in October and November of 2008.  As the end of January approaches there will be another ‘breath’ of that softness filtering through your Universe.  This soft energy will once again allow certain structures to change form.  You witnessed the reshaping of many structures in 2008 (i.e. banking and other financial institutions, United States politics), and we invite you to gently release the thoughts that things must remain the same – stable –  in order to have ‘balance’.  There is a great re-balancing happening as a new level of consciousness is achieved.  In order to facilitate your immense growth and joy during that time, we encourage you to work together in groups, large and small, and support one another through heart-filled sharing of ideas and emotions.  Please take time for YOU.  Rest.  Practice being at one with your breath.  Open your self to the newness at hand.  Move gently through the coming months and as your summer approaches (in the Northern Hemisphere) you will certainly feel lighter, renewed, recommitted, re-energized, revitalized.  We invite you to FEEL the past slipping away, release it with LOVE, and begin the process of engaging the future NOW.  One year from now you will say, “Thank you, At One. We enjoyed 2009 so very much and as we look back we see that there are so many wonderful things to celebrate.  We are glad we were OPEN – ready, willing and able to attract the abundance that was there waiting for us, asking us to step into our brilliance so that we could SHINE as we are shining now!”  And so it will be.

Thank you for allowing us to share our vision with you.  It is with great joy that we communicate, collaborate, and cooperate.

We are, as you are,

At One.’