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Oprah Does Radical Openness (and helps others be open)

It is well after midnight and I just finished listening to a recording of Oprah’s 2007 XM Satellite Radio interview with Esther Hicks. Esther, along with her husband Jerry and a group of channeled (by Esther), spiritual entities who call themselves Abraham, have written best-selling books about the Law of Attraction (what you focus your thoughts on will grow) and travel all over spreading the word about that Universal Law. The Law of Attraction hit it big (again) when the DVD and book The Secret came out a few years ago. I have been following Abraham-Hicks since 2001 when a fellow fitness instructor began feeding me audio cassetes of their lectures. I eventually went to see them live and was blown away by the experience. It was not the first time I’d seen someone channel (hey, don’t I do that?), so it was quite normal to me. What struck me was the fact that this woman, Esther Hicks, was so obviously comfortable with the whole thing. There were hundreds of people at that Abraham-Hicks event. It was as if Esther was saying, “Yeah, this is what I do. It’s great, it’s my joy, and I make a fantastic living doing it.” She actually said something similar on the Oprah radio show. How freakin’ great is that? Owning what you love and just doing it! Radical!

And then there’s Oprah. She’s amazing to me. Her whole story has been played out in public for over 20 years – all of the ups and downs that she chooses to reveal so that others may learn. She uses her celebrity to do good in the world and she has helped change lives. Go Oprah! That is Radical Openness in practice.

So there was Oprah, talking to Esther about the Law of Attraction and asking what happens when Esther channels Abraham. Esther then took a deep breath, easily slid into Abraham mode and they began to speak through her. Now Oprah was talking to Abraham. A new experience for Oprah and surely a first for many of those radio listeners.

As I reflect on that show, I am filled with gratitude. I am grateful that the positive, abundant message is being shared and that more and more people around the world are learning about the Law of Attraction. I am grateful that for many years I have been open to hearing the messages that folks like Abraham-Hicks and Oprah have been spreading. I am grateful that I not only listened, but put the teachings into practice and have reshaped my life because of it. I am grateful because for the first time yesterday, in an absolute manifestation stemming from my month-long focus on Radical Openness and years of practice, I was able to open my eyes while I was channeling my spiritual guides and Master Advisers on the Law of Attraction, At One, as I sat with my clients. Getting to the point of opening my eyes took three and a half years, and it was radical because it showed me that, just like Esther Hicks, I am now able to say, “Hey, I am not afraid to be seen anymore. This is what I do, this is what I am, and these messages from a kind, loving source can help you have a better life.” Listen everybody: Radical Openness works. Be Open. Get to work. In the words of At One:

“When you are ready, when you have taken all of the necessary actions that lead you to the completion of a goal, when you have allowed your self to be guided by your brilliance (and we mean the human and spiritual brilliance that all of you are), then you will find your self in a place of extreme comfort, a place of internal bliss that nothing and no one can disturb. It is from that place, that joyful place, that you will want to all ways manifest from. For when you manifest from a place of joy, it is utterly more satisfying than when you manifest from a place of doubt, worry, resentment, and desperation, which are all fear-based vibrations. As you move forward with your eyes wide open you will see all of the beauty that is around you at all times. The beauty is waiting to be seen. Go and look for it. The time is now.”




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You are an inspiration.

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