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Googling for Optimism in the Media

Please help! I am fishing for optimistic stories in the media. I want to see a headline and read a story (non-fiction) in a leading newspaper or magazine that is inspiring, full of encouragement and the audacity of hope. I Googled ‘Optimism in the Media’ and found this story: Scanning Headlines: Sure, Optimism Is Great, But Pessimism Sells. The title of that 2003 post says it all. Who sells optimism in these times of economic crisis, war, and global warming? Disney? That’s a bit pessimistic now isn’t it. Sorry, Bambi. It looks like I might have to fish in deeper waters.

My interest in this topic was spurred by my month- long intention to be Radically Open to new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving, and also by a curious, true story of ‘rejection’ that a normally optimistic friend told me.

Sarah called on Tuesday to tell me that the uplifting story she was asked to submit to a journalist’s blog about her sudden and seemingly radical career change a few years ago (featuring your’s truly as shamanic healer/coach) was promptly rejected on the grounds that it was “not ‘practical’ enough”. The journalist felt that readers “were bogged down by the signs of the times.” Who could possibly want to read a happy tale when one could choose from an abundance of bad ones?

Dr. Wayne Dyer once spoke about how the things we have hanging on the walls of our home affect our energy. Beautiful, peaceful images, whether looked at or not, always reflect their “good vibes” onto us and make us feel good. Dr. Masaru Emoto theorized that water is affected by positive and negative thoughts or words. In Dr. Emoto’s studies, positive words helped to create beautiful water crystals, and negative words created water crystals that were distorted.

Each day I walk directly past at least five newsstands in Manhattan. Lately I’ve been bombarded by headlines that scream: Crisis! Disaster! Recession! Sometimes I glance at the headlines, sometimes I don’t. No matter what, I truly believe that the energy that each headline emits is having some subtle effect on me and the more than eight million people who travel into and around New York City throughout the week. And what happens when those people watch TV news, or listen to the radio, or log onto their computers? How much bad news are we being subjected to?

Let’s start a revolution. Let’s start a good news revolution. Today, at least once, share a story of hope with a friend. Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield and Mark Vistor Hansen is filled with inspirational stories (and those guys got rich and famous by sharing those tales). Tell a co-worker a funny joke. Call your parents and tell them you love them. Spread the good word: Optimism is Possible and Welcome Here Now. Amen!