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You Can’t Go Back


I am so grateful for a recent opportunity to look again at a something that in the past left me feeling empty, lost, desperate, angry, and full of self-loathing; a situation that I thought I was finished with quite some time ago.

The main thing that has changed in regard to this situation is – surprise! – the way I THINK about it. I no longer doubt myself in the same way, I value myself much more, and don’t need to ‘fill myself up’ in ways that left me feeling not-so-good.

I wrote about something similar back in May in a post titled ‘Looking Back In Order To Move Forward’:

“It is perfectly fine to rethink your thoughts in regard to any situation. There is all ways an opportunity to learn from the past. Indeed, you may find that there is something that needs to be altered within that can help you navigate this more easily. The ‘trick’ is not to become caught up in your thoughts to the point of distraction.”

Back then I was having very negative thoughts in regard to what what was going on. There are no negative thoughts about what has happened in the past couple of weeks. Why?

“You are now very quick to realize when something feels a bit ‘off’. By that we mean that you could feel where you were not positively aligned, so you set about doing whatever you could to come back to the place of feeling like you were ‘on track’. Isn’t that good news? You said, “I want to know” and the Universe – in the form of your human collaborators – very swiftly gave you the answers.

Indeed, your heart was telling you one thing and you were not fully capable of hearing the message. Your ‘ego mind’ wanted a different result based on the memories of WHAT WAS. But, as you know, what was is not WHAT IS.

It is important for you to remember that time often gives you an opportunity to rethink the story. The old story might seem to feel good, but when you try to apply those old circumstances to where you are now, you find that you, and whoever else is involved, are not on the same page.

Be grateful for the chance to revisit, and be happy that you are moving forward. Indeed, you cannot go back, and that is quite OK.” – At One


Today I am grateful to the past for showing me what a great place now is, for amazing massage therapists who have kept my body feeling so good, a comfortable couch, late night blogging sessions, friends who take time to question themselves, friends who tell me the truth, 80’s alternative rock music, iTunes, Fairway, Amma, my parents and siblings, and an open heart and mind.

Thanks and peace!



Get Over It!


Every once in a while I sit down with myself and have a good chat.

“OK, Joe, get over it. You’re really making yourself miserable here. What are you gonna do – get all upset and freaked out, or make the necessary changes that will make you feel better?”

My friend Robin reminded me of how powerful it can be to have one of those little ‘Talks with Self’ moments. She was upset about something the other day, went for a walk, talked herself into a better emotional place, and took a positive action that made her feel even better.

One day last week I was ironing (Yes, I thought I was finished with that, too) and the iron left a small, orange spot on the front of my light blue shirt. Suddenly I was six years old again, upset and running home from school after falling down and tearing my pants at the knee. Forget about the cut I had, I was having a meltdown because I couldn’t stand the thought of being seen in a ripped pair of (green) pants. And there I was at age 43 cursing the iron, moaning about the lack of sleep due to a pinched nerve in my upper back (and making the pain worse in the process – how curious), and telling myself I had no business going to the interview I had that day.

Oh, man, it just went on and on… until it stopped. It stopped because I stopped. I stopped and said, “No, Joe, none of that is true. Now think another, more positive thought. Start over. Get yourself together, get out of the house, and greet your day with a smile.” That’s all it took for me to feel better. It all happened in a matter of minutes, perhaps seconds.

“It’s just not that exciting or meaningful to remain in a place that doesn’t feel good. What are you waiting for? Get up and get moving!

Life is moving swiftly all around you. Your time here will be over soon enough. Do you think you’ll be happy with your results when you look back at the end of this journey? Get up and get moving!

Change your mind, think a new and better thought and watch how your emotions can quickly shift from ‘not good’ to ‘very good’, and how easy it then becomes for you to take the most positive action, thus setting into motion a series of joyful events and outcomes.

What are you waiting for?” – At One


Today I am grateful for believing in myself, for trusting the process, for another opportunity to embrace my humanity and my spirituality, for dreams, for a growing Almost Economically Viable community (, for the gym, my workout buddy, trains that are ‘on time’, my book agent, editor and publisher, and Hay House Publishing and Radio.

Thanks and peace!


Insist On Bliss!

happy dancing

Here’s a simple Law of Attraction message that came through a meditation:

“Whenever you have a desire for something, why not take a moment to check in with your self and ask ‘Why?’

Why do you want that something? Are you wanting it for instant gratification? Are you creating it to fill a void that lives inside of you? Are you manifesting it as part of a long-term goal?

Why? That is one question that could help you become clearer in your thinking, create more positive emotions that lead to more powerful actions, and result in outcomes that are more and more in line with what you are truly wanting. Why?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes there is a very big rush of energy when you think of something you want – you get very excited, and then when you get it, the excitement you felt has suddenly diminished or disappeared? Why?

Quite often it is enough to just feel the excitement of your ability to manifest, but many people want to have the experience of seeing, feeling, touching, or tasting that thing that they were dreaming of. What if you followed the excitement of that one thought and gave your self more time to create the bigger, more blissful item or feeling that you are desiring? Slow down and insist on a bliss that goes beyond one moment.

Begin the process of long-term joy and fulfillment by insisting on bliss in all that you do. Insist that you live up to the commitment that bliss requires. Insist that you pay attention to that which comes into your life. Is that a blissful thing? Why or why not?

Ask the questions that probe the depths of your being. That is the road to freedom. That is the road to joy. That is the road that brings you to the life of your dreams.

Insist on bliss. Insist on bliss. Insist on bliss.” – At One


Check out this ‘Follow Your Bliss’ Compass I found on Craig Conley’s web site,


Go to the web site, spin the dial on the compass, and follow the blissful instructions.

Today I am grateful for my body and breath, time at the gym, peaceful sleep, pain free days and nights, soothing baths, my iPod, iTunes, the Sunday morning lineup on NPR, abundant laughter, my book agent, editor and publisher, Hay House Publishing and Radio, blueberries and peanut butter.

Thanks and peace!


Wake Up!

soul awakening

My two-week journey with physical pain took yet another turn for the better yesterday, thanks in part to two phenomenally gifted healers and a series of profound meditations and insights.

Dr. Lou Granirer is much more than a Chiropractor, and Susan Krieger’s Acupuncture/Shiatsu-Acupressure treatment was beyond anything I could have imagined. Both of those tender and caring individuals used their technical skills and intuitive sense to guide my body to a much less painful state and help me connect more deeply with the true source of the pain.

Throughout the time that my back, neck and arm were aching, I used meditation to adjust to and release the discomfort by creating visual images and soothing soundscapes that penetrated muscle and bone, heart and mind.

The messages I’ve received in meditation recently have had a great impact as well and are related to much more profound and personal issues than the physical pain. I believe that pain can be a great teacher and these past two weeks have certainly proven that to me once again.

“Wake up! Wake up! That is what your ‘pain’ is asking you to do. Wake up to your self, your gifts, your strengths, your brilliance, your beauty. Wake up to what is REAL.

How long have you carried that pain, not just in your body, but in your mind? We invite you to be open to the possibility that it all began as a thought. Yes, one little thought that you turned into a 40-year saga, believing so many different versions of it that you lost track of what was true.

Certainly, something that causes any kind of pain – mental, emotional, or physical – must be questioned if you are to truly move beyond it. Isn’t it fascinating how you let this story grow and grow until it became a part of your body – lodged deep in your spine in the upper vertebrae – waiting for you to feed it. And feed it you did! Oh, you loved to tell the tale of woe that it spawned! Over and over and over again – relentlessly – you gave in to the demand of the story. It blinded you. And you let it happen so that NOW YOU KNOW BETTER!

The pain of the old story became too intense. Wake up! Wake up! How long can you suffer?

The door is now open for you to walk through, beyond the pain, beyond the drama, beyond what was. As you move forward, please continue to invite YOUR SELF into your life. Embrace your self. Love your self. What more is there to do but to WAKE UP TO YOU?”
– At One


Today I give thanks to the healers: Lou, Susan, Olivia, Irma, Doug, Rosa, Lynn, Fred, Asher, and Robin. I am grateful to the Earth that lets me dig deep, to the trees, plants, stones, water, wind, sun, moon and stars. God bless all of my former and future lovers who are my teachers. God bless me, I am pain free!

Thanks and peace!


Life Is Sweet If You Let It Be.


I took advantage of a warm, sunny weekend and spent some quality time doing something that I have loved to do since I was a kid – digging in the Earth and playing with the plant people.

I live in a landmark building in northern Harlem (that’s in New York City for those who don’t know) and the courtyard is filled with trees, plants, and flowers. It is truly an oasis in the city and visitors are quite surprised to see all the greenery when they step through the arched entrance. Some residents have even said they moved here because of the gardens. Oh, the power of Nature…

For the past few years I’ve been a part of a small team of committed, volunteer gardeners whose mission is to keep the grounds green and clean. I must say we are doing a great job this year and our efforts remind me of the power of cooperation and collaboration.

Back in early May I was concerned that my summer would be a drag without the beach house that I’d grown accustomed to (a serious case of thinking about what had not yet occured). Thankfully, I’ve rediscovered the immense pleasure of spending eight, sweaty hours on a Saturday covered with dirt as a plot of land is transformed into a work of art.


As I was digging, raking and planting the other day, I got very choked up as I realized what an immense gift the hours of gardening have been for me these past few months. I’ve reconnected with neighbors, had a chance to experiment with landscape design, made a solid contribution to my community, and used my time outside as a way to work out some of the crap in my head. And although I may be ‘a work horse’ as a fellow green-thumbed worker called me, the loving connection I feel with all of the living things out there is really what keeps me going for hours on end. I don’t think it’s my imagination when I look at the trees and plants, when I smell the soil, and when I feel the sun beating down that I hear those beings say, “Thank you for honoring us.” It is moments like that when I truly understand how sweet Life is, when we let it be.

“It can take just one very brief moment for you to understand how important, beautiful and ALIVE everything is. It is NOT your imagination when you hear the trees whispering to you, the wind calling your name, or the water beckoning to you. All of those ‘things’ are quite capable of communicating and sharing their incredible vibration with you at any time. How open you will be to hearing the call? How open will you be to letting those energies touch you, to fill you with what can only be called Love?

There is an abundance of experiences waiting for you. Open your eyes! Look around! Life IS sweet. Take a breath and let it be. Let it be.” – At One



Today I am grateful for Cida, David, Jeremy, Michael, Ramona and all the Dunbar garden contributors, for my body and breath, ceiling fans, for time alone to reflect upon the beauty of my world, iTunes, friends who face their fears, my book agent, editor and publisher, Hay House Publishing and Radio, new business opportunities, God and gardens.

Thanks and peace!


Love Your Body and It Will Love You

Human body 2

I’ve been in physical pain for a few days and in my attempts to feel better I’ve been allowing my body to teach me a few things.

Here’s what has come to me so far:

– Do not focus on the pain. Focus on feeling good.

– Practice not talking about the pain. Notice why you would want to talk about it. Do you want attention? Does talking about it make you feel better?

– Breathe into the spaces between the pain. Allow those spaces to expand.

– The pain is temporary.

– Notice how well you move and what you can do despite what you think is a limitation.

– Be grateful. Pain can lead you to a peaceful place.

– Listen to what your body is telling you.

– You will always find a way to relieve the pain. How will choose to do that?

– You are more than your body.

“Indeed, the body is here for you to experience Life from a distintcly physical perspective. Are you willing to feel the pleasure and the so-called pain that may manifest?

When you are pain-free, do you honestly pay attention to what is good about your body? Do you express gratitude to your arms, legs, eyes, ears, heart, lungs – all of those maginificent, human parts that keep you going from day-to-day?

Perhaps now is the time to stop, look, listen and feel. Get to know your body. Take care of it. Be in LOVE with it and it will all ways respond in kind.”


Today I am and grateful for all parts of my body, for the pain in my back and arm, for ease of movement, for my breathe, my dreams, Spirit, Asher, my chiropractor in NYC Dr. Lou Granirer, ice packs, Advil, my parents, prayer, meditation, stillness, my book agent, editor and publisher, Hay House Publications and Radio.

Thanks and peace.


Are You Ready to Fly?

bird in flight

“The shell must break before the bird can fly…”
– Tennyson

I think I need to start counting the ‘feel good’ days I’ve been having. It’s not just the number of them that is really so intriguing to me, it’s the consistency – one day after another of calm, clear, happy, and content thoughts and feelings.

There have certainly been moments when ‘negative’ thoughts come zipping along, but I seem to be able to accept them and think myself out of the dark spots in record time. Who knows how long this will last? I’m in it for the moment, and the next moment, and the next moment.

All of this positive energy has me convinced that things are going to start moving very quickly. Confidence and Trust are my Sacred Allies.

“When you line your self up with the abundant, positive flow on a regular basis, you are certainly more than ready to make a giant leap in your life.

Look around. See what is happening NOW. The ease you are feeling INSIDE is affecting things on the OUTSIDE. That is why we say that Life is an inside job.

From that happy, elevated place you are capable of manifesting things very quickly. The time-delay response is minimum. Let your self be surprised and extremely pleased by the process. It really is amazing!

Try this:

Create a list of the Top Ten Things You Are Wanting. Don’t overthink as you write or type, just let the desires bubble up and get the words on paper or on the screen.

Once you have your list, place it in a prominent, special place where you can look at it and read it to your self every day. Do this for one month.

As you go about your days throughout the month, notice what thoughts and feelings surface. What is trying to push it’s way up and out? Be as gentle with your self as possible during this time. Ask for assistance to make the process easier.

What comes your way as you navigate this road? Are you allowing your self to receive or are you saying no?

How much time will you give your self to be quiet and still, in a practice of gratitude and appreciation, acknowledgment and celebration as you create the life of your dreams?

Think your self to the place that feels good. Feel those good feelings and express the joy that comes more often than ever.

At the end of the month, sit with your list and see what has changed. Do you notice anything different about your self or the people or things around you? Do you want to make adjustments to your list? Do you want to make adjustments to your life?

Would you truly like to make changes and learn how to fly?

You decide.” – At One

And to that I say, Amen.

Today I am grateful for thunder and lightning, a healthy back, deep breaths, fluid movement, the wisdom of trees, my bed, my home, all of the money I have and that which is coming to me, my book agent, editor and publisher, Hay House Publishing and Hay House Radio, everyday miracles, candlelight, my friends and family.

Thanks and peace!