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Committed to Change


I’ve been listening to friends, family members, and clients quite intently the past few weeks and I keep hearing the same thing over and over again. It goes something like this:

“I want this situation to change!”

Does that sound familiar?

That statement often comes from a place of frustration and desperation which, if we let it, can bring about the exact change we desire.

One thing I keep reminding myself and others about getting what we want is that it often requires a commitment – a commitment to self and to a practice that can make change happen.

Maybe you already have a practice that you are committed to – meditation, exercise, affirmations, 5 daily actions toward your goal – and that helps you to stay focused. If you don’t have something like that in place right now, perhaps it is time to find something that keeps you on track.

One question that can help you to get clear about what practice, or combination of practices, will help you stay on purpose is, “What do I want?” Ask yourself that question from a place of absolute curiosity and listen for an answer. Keep asking until something appears that FEELS GOOD.

Try this Fishing for Soul Practice:

For 5 minutes (or longer if you like), sit quietly in a position that allows you to keep your spine long and tall. Take three deep, cleansing breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Notice – just notice – how your body feels. Notice what emotions are present. Notice what thoughts you are having. Just notice. If you find a ‘negative’ thought passing by, ask for the next best thought to appear, and then the next best thought and so on.

As you sit in this listening practice, allow your self to focus on one thing that you would like to change in your life. Ask your self this question: “What is the kindest thing I can do for myself to make this situation change to a better feeling place?” Maybe your answer comes in the form of one word, or an image, or a deep knowing. Allow your brilliance to reveal itself. With PRACTICE, this becomes easier and easier.

Are you committed to making your life more joyful, more peaceful, and more prosperous? Are you willing to commit to a practice that can help you live that life NOW?

Look for an announcement at the end of this week about my NEW, 30-day Magical Manifesting TeleCourse. It starts Nov. 2nd.

Today I am grateful for new ideas that lead to new opportunities, sunny days in autumn, morning workouts, amazing synchronicities, time off, my J.O.B., dreams that come true, Nature, my friendly neighbors, laughter, my book agent, editor and publisher, Hay House Publishing and Radio.

Thanks and peace!



Loving Our Parents

Affirmation: “I am forever grateful for the loving relationship that I have with my parents.”


My parents sat together on the couch in their living room last Saturday night – my mom at one end sitting upright, eyes wide, smiling and talking, talking, talking, and my dad at the other end with his head in his left hand, eyes half open, listening and interrupting to correct my mother every now and then.

That is an all too familiar scene at my parent’s house and as it unfolded yet again I thought, “They’ve been doing this for 50 years. How incredible is that?” My heart was overflowing with love and admiration. “Those are my parents and I love them no matter what.”

In Tuesday’s blog I mentioned that my parents had celebrated 50 years of togetherness last Saturday. 50 years of marriage. 50 years of sharing the same house, the same bathrooms, the same bed, the same cars, the same dishes, etc. 50 years, six children and 11 grandchildren. 50 years of ups and downs, and in and outs. How incredible is that?

Throughout the weekend at my parent’s I found myself wondering what it would be like to not have them around. I got choked up as I watched my niece’s video montage play on a laptop at the anniversary gathering. Years of memories appeared on the screen, and image after image took me back to 1969, 1973, 1977, 1984, 1991, 1998, 2002, and so on. With each picture and passing year I saw how my parents, and everyone else in those photos, have aged. “Time is going by very fast,” I said to myself. “Pay attention and share the love.”

“When you can see your parents as the incredible beings that they truly are (just like you!), you allow your self the PLEASURE that comes from feeling LOVE.

Even if you have not met the people who gave you life, you can still honor them, love them, and be in gratitude for their coming together and CREATING you.

Even if you believe that your parents mistreated you in some way, you can still pray for them, honor their path, and send them LOVE. For without those two beings, where would you be now?” – At One


Today I am extremely grateful for Janet and Rod and all that they have given me, my siblings, my childhood home, the town of Folsom, PA, the ability to forgive, grow up, and move on, my new Blackberry, friends old and new, my life partner, my book agent, editor and publisher, Hay House Publishing and Radio.

Thanks and peace!


Are You Affirming the Negative?

be the change...

I went to church on Sunday. It was my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary and it felt good to be joining them and honoring their years together in the Catholic church that inspires them and gives them peace of mind.

I was raised a Catholic but don’t consider myself part of that group anymore. When I was a teenager I began to question the validity of Catholic doctrine and eventually found spiritual teachings that suit me much better.

As I sat through the mass I was fascinated by the vocabulary that was used throughout the service. One line really caught my attention:

“Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and I shall be healed.”

I listened as people all around me declared that to each other and to God.

“I am not worthy.” I know that line. I’ve heard myself say it to myself and others in exactly that way and in a million other ways.

“Is anyone really hearing those words?” I wondered as I looked around. “Is anyone questioning those words? Do the people in this church believe that they are unworthy?”

Those statements are repeated in churches all over the world. What affect is that having?

Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life and a revolutionary in the field of personal development has said “Every thought we think is creating our future.” If we continue to tell ourselves and the world that we are not worthy, what kind of future are we creating?

This morning I decided to change that ‘I am not worthy’ statement into something that made me feel good:

“Lord, I am so worthy to receive you. Help me to say more good words so that more good may be revealed.”

Try this Fishing for Soul Practice:

For one week, pay very close attention to what comes out of your mouth. Are you affirming something positive or something negative? Are you feeding the hungry ghosts of the past or laying a strong, empowered foundation for the future? How will you change the negative to a positive?

Happy Fishing!


Today I am grateful for my parents and siblings, my nieces and nephews, my aunts and uncles, an opportunity to revisit my childhood home and stomping grounds, NJ Transit, SEPTA, my driver’s license, morning workouts, eggs, my Blackberry, my cat, positive abundace of all kinds, my weekend Creativity Time, new clients and business opportunities, cash in hand.

Thanks and peace!


How Committed Are You to YOU?


If you’ve been following my blog this week you know that I’ve been pondering the question ‘What do you want?’ and sharing ideas on how to manifest the thing or things that answers that question.

Today I’m looking at the role of COMMITMENT in the Law of Attraction process.

According to Merriam-Webster’s on-line dictionary, commitment is defined as:

a: an agreement or pledge to do something in the future; especially : an engagement to assume a financial obligation at a future date
b : something pledged c : the state or an instance of being obligated or emotionally impelled

“When you are committed to a process of the Self – self-exploration, self-examination, self-awareness, self-actualization, self-love, self-discipline, self-motivation, self-realization, self-esteem, self-worth, self-care, self-trust, etc.- you find that the Universe takes great care in helping that process to unfold majestically, brilliantly, in Divine Time and Order.

When you are committed to your Self and your dreams, you have an opportunity to learn once again how to allow you inner light to shine.

What is it that you want? Can you name it? Can you describe it in great detail?

Do you have a plan of action – a Plan of Attraction – that you can commit to that will help you become clearer about what you want and how it can come to you?

Are you willing to let go of what is not working?

Are you willing to ‘ride the wave of chaos’ as you move into the life of your dreams?

How committed are you to YOU?” – At One + JM

I’m considering the possibility of facilitating a 30-day Magical Manifesting course, possibly via Skype (a FREE calling service on the web), that will help all of us get real and get clear about commitment and living the life that we talk and talk and talk and talk about. It would be an opportunity to STRETCH our Law of Attraction muscles. Would you like to be a part of that? Would you be willing to COMMIT to 30-days of journaling, visioning, affirming, digging deep into your bullshit and finding the gold within? There would be a morning group and an evening group. If that intrigues and excites you, leave a comment/message below.

Here is some more helpful guidance from one of my favorite Law of Attraction teachers, Abraham-Hicks:

Today I am grateful for my renewed commitment to my business and my dreams, Eduardo Scissorhands, Universal support, money for Creativity Time at the beach, my parents, the McBurney Y, new business opportunities, a clear and concise business plan for 2010, the easy completion of my fitness CECs, laughter, sunshine, financial freedom, my life partner, my book agent, editor and publisher, Hay House Publishing and Radio.

Thanks and peace!


Did You Get What You Wanted? Pay Attention!

eyes and ears

“Choice of attention – to pay attention to this and ignore that – is to the inner life what choice of action is to the outer. In both cases, a man is responsible for his choice and must accept the consequences, whatever they may be.” – W.H. Auden

For the past week-and-a-half I’ve been doing my best to pay attention to signs, signals, omens, and moments of absolute clarity. It seems my vigilance has paid off.

When I returned from Hawaii in March and declared that it was time to leave New York City, I suspected that I was summoning the forces that would help me to see what truth that statement held. If there were inner and outer changes to be made along the way, then so be it.

As I spoke to my friends about my relocation ideas, I got a lot of feedback. When some suggested that I make sure my business affairs were in order before taking leave of my beloved city, I took heed. Part of my plan then became to create more financial prosperity and I decided to look for full-time employment with someone other than myself for the first in many years and keep my coaching and shamanic healing practice running as best I could. The thought of job hunting created feelings of excitement and I was surprised and happy about that. (Oh yes, there was also a bit of fear.)

As I came closer to manifesting a job offer, I found that the signs I had been asking for were popping up left and right. How could I ignore them? The Universal signals were becoming more intense and frequent as I was leaning toward saying yes. Eventually what I heard from the Universe was, “NO! This is not the right thing for you! Take a moment to ask your self what you really want.”

As I sat with that information I realized that my job hunt had become a journey back home, back to me and my dreams. Self-worth, self-care, and trust were issues that had manifested once again in order for me to get to know my true self a bit better.


So, what do I want? Let’s go back to a statement I made in May of 2006 after attending T.Harv Eker’s 3-day Millionaire Mind Seminar:

‘I am happy and grateful to be financially free, working only when I choose to as New York City’s #1 Shamanic Healing Practitioner, the NY Times #1 best-selling author of inspirational books, and the #1 world-wide leader of transformational seminars that inspire millions of people and teach them how to pursue and live their rich vision.’

I share that Vision Declaration as a reminder of the power of thinking and acting big (from a place of integrity and authenticity, not of grandiosity). I know that when I allow myself to do that, the Universe always supports my dream and moves me closer and closer to it by helping the parts of me that don’t believe in it’s reality to wake up and see the light.

Sometimes there is chaos on the road, but when you face yourself you are guaranteed to be rewarded with an abundance of self-confidence, courage, and love.

Will I leave New York? Maybe some day. For now, I am happy to be realigned with a powerful vision for my future.

What do YOU want? Are you willing to think BIG? Are you willing to face your fears and your future with wild abandon?

“When you ask, you all ways receive. When you ALLOW the receiving to take place, the exquisite design of the Universe reveals itself to you. Can you let it happen for you?” – At One


If you are in NYC today, Wed., Sept. 16th, and would like some FREE guidance on getting what you want, as well as insight into Law of Attraction principles, I will be facilitating a FREE Empowerment Life Coaching Class at the McBurney YMCA (125 W. 14th St. @ 6th Ave.) from 6:15-7:15 P.M. Show up with a notebook and pen, and an open heart and mind and you are guaranteed to walk away with something that you can immediately apply to your life.

Today I am grateful for taking time to explore ideas with an open heart and mind, for all who have been a part of my ‘job’ journey, to the Spirits who spoke to and through so many of those people on my behalf, for a growing trust fund, September mornings, the gym, meditation, my cat, continued growth in all areas of my life, my wonderful life partner, all who help my business grow, my book agent, editor and published, Hay House Publishing and Radio.

Thanks and peace!


The photo of the Be Open Designs T-shirts was taken by Sarah Sloboda

What Do You Want?

follow your dreams

Eight years ago the events of 9/11 forced many people to reevaluate their lives. In New York City I witnessed that first-hand as we strove to restore a sense of calm and purpose after that chaotic day.

Now that we have marked yet another 9/11 anniversary and are watching summer fade into autumn, it is the perfect time to once again ask the all-important question, “What do I want?”

‘When you take the time to question your dreams, your desires, your hopes, your fantasies, you give your self an opportunity to realign your self with the positive flow of energy and abundance that surrounds you.

What does that thing that you want in your life look like, feel like, taste like, smell like? Can you imagine it? What affect does the fulfillment of your dream have on other areas of your life? Are you, right now, fully aligned with what you want? If not, how can you come into right relationship with it?

Of course it does not matter if what you want is a material item or not. Anything that you desire is attainable when you engage your self and the abundant powers of the Universe.’

I like to use the following guidelines when I am in the process of goal setting and achieving:

1) Ask for what you want. State your intention/goal/desire clearly, in present tense terms and with as much detail as possible.

2) Stay focused on your rich vision.

3) Take empowering action toward your goal on a daily basis.

4) Allow yourself to receive all that you ask for.

5) Be grateful for everything, every step of the way.

6) Acknowledge and celebrate the powerful, abundant manifester that you are.

Those Law of Attraction principles are easy to follow. You may not realize that you adhere to several of those steps whenever you engage in the most mundane activities, such as going to Starbucks for your daily cup of coffee. And if you can manifest that cup of coffee, why not practice manifesting something that seems much bigger?

Remember: Positive Action will always lead to a Positive Outcome.

If you are in NYC on Wed., Sept. 16th and would like some FREE guidance on getting what you want, as well as insight into Law of Attraction principles, I will be facilitating a FREE Empowerment Life Coaching Class at the McBurney YMCA (125 W. 14th St. @ 6th Ave.) from 6:15-7:15 P.M. Show up with a notebook and pen, and an open heart and mind and you are guaranteed to walk away with something that you can immediately apply to your life.

Today I am grateful for new business opportunities, Macy’s, Eduardo’s tie expertise, the excitement and silliness of True Blood, Earth, breath, music, money, protein, Be Open T’s, my computer, this blog, Melea and Robin, my parents and siblings, God, a peaceful planet, my book agent, editor and publisher, Hay House Publishing and Radio.

Thanks and peace!


Who’s in Charge of Your Health Care?

obama health care

On Wed., Sept. 9th President Obama went before the nation to explain a bit more about his administration’s proposed plan to reform the U.S. health care system.

The idea that all American’s should have an option for medical coverage in times of illness or accident sounds like a good plan to me. Getting to that point may take more time and further heated debate. Are we willing to listen, to participate, to envision?

A proposal that provides funds to educate people on how to take better care of themselves through exercise, meditation, breath work, positive thinking and some other non-traditional health practices would certainly have my support. Could those practices decrease the public’s reliance on prescription drugs and other ‘traditional’ medical treatments? I say let’s find out.

An article published on the web site U.S. Medicine titled “When Traditional Medicine Fails, Patients Frequently Turn to Other Sources of Hope and Healing” stated that,

“In 2007, 83 million adults used some form of complementary or alternative medicine, according to the National Health Interview Survey. This is equal to about 38% of the entire population. Those 83 million people made 354 million visits to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) providers and spent $33.9 billion doing so, making up more than 10% of the total out-of-pocket health care costs for Americans in 2007.

CAM includes yoga, chiropractic and osteopathic manipulation, massage, meditation, dietary supplements that are not vitamins or minerals, and similar therapies.”

Here in New York City there are an abundance of preventive and alternative care options. There seems to be a fitness center every few blocks. New yoga studios keep popping up. Massage therapists abound. Crystal healing, acupuncture, shamanism, and sound healing workshops can all be found. You name it, we’ve probably got it.

Dr. Andrew Weil, Founder and Director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, wrote in a Huffington Post article on Thu., Sept. 10th, “…we cannot afford to wait on Washington. We must take responsibility ourselves to eat right, exercise, practice stress reduction and take the other necessary steps to maximize our own health and happiness.”

Looking for yet another perspective on ‘health care’, I sat down to listen for some otherworldly advice on the issue.

“The greatest care giver in the world could be staring back at you each time you look in the mirror.

How do you live each moment of your day? Are you aware of the power of Mind? Are you aware of the power of Positive Intention? Are you aware of your own ability to create a life that is full of the health and wealth that you say you desire?

Take a moment (or two, or three, or more) to get to know your self. Find out what truly makes you feel good and pursue it with a fully engaged heart AND mind. Focus daily on a life – YOUR life – that is easy and joyful.

When every cell of your being knows that perfect health is a state of mind, and YOU are all ways the deciding factor in any ‘health care’ issue, then you loose the desire to argue about which health care plan to choose. With a clear heart and mind, you will automatically attract the care that is most appropriate for you.” At One


Today I am grateful for a restful sleep, morning smiles, deep breaths, the US Open Tennis Tournament, warm jackets, big paychecks, my book agent, editor and publisher, Hay House Publishing and Radio, an abundance of new clients, and endless possibilities.

Thanks and peace!