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How Do You Express Your Gratitude?

Grateful Heart Mandala

We are now beyond the eating (overeating?), the football games, the parades, the time with family and friends, and the stress of the Thanksgiving holiday. Does this also mark the end of the period of public displays of gratitude?

Yesterday, people in my apartment building, at the gym, and on the street greeted each other with a “Happy Thanksgiving!” I wished my taxi driver the same as I paid and thanked him for the ride.

I spent a few hours on Thanksgiving day with friends and friends of friends. We laughed, learned new things about each other, and ate delicious food that we all had a hand in preparing. There were endless compliments about the meal, and lots of hugs and well-wishes as we went our separate ways at the end of the evening.

Late last night I browsed Facebook and read many status updates filled with expressions of thankfulness. Beautiful stuff.

So now what? Do we go back to our ‘ordinary’ lives and wait until the next holiday to reflect on what has made our lives happy and harmonious?

“Every day, and in endless ways, you can show how grateful you are for all that is in your life.

Smile. Tell someone you love them. Offer a helping hand. Say ‘thank you’ in times when you might not. Give an unexpected gift to someone. Sit silently and give thanks to all of the people and events that have shaped your life. Honor Nature. Pat yourself on the back and tell yourself how amazing you are.

When you do those things you increase the peace and prosperity that exists inside and all around you. That is good news!” – At One + JM

How do you express gratitude? Do you give thanks only for the good stuff? Can you be grateful for the not-so- good stuff and honor the lessons that came from that?


** A note about the mandala at the top of this post: The “Grateful Heart Mandala” was created by Vikki Reed at the web site Chakra Mandalas. Vikki kindly granted me permission to use her beautiful image after I found it on her web site, She says, “the Grateful Heart Mandala intends to fill your heart, remind you of the lovely gifts you are constantly receiving, inspire you to always freely express your gratitude, and allow yourself to fully participate in the dance of your life, giving and receiving with an ever Grateful Heart.”

Today I am grateful for an abundance of good food, friends and family, Vikki at (please visit her web site for more beautiful mandalas that speak to the heart and soul), my cat, long naps on the couch, the McBurney YMCA, Enterprise Rental Cars, the MTA, NJ Transit, SEPTA, my Blackberry, my laptop, my book agent and editor.

Thanks and peace to all!



What Are You Grateful For?

“If you are looking for a way to speed up the process of peacefulness, then look no further than a Practice of Gratitude.

When you look in the mirror, do you say thank you to your self?

When you take a breath, do you acknowledge it?

When you are at your job, with your children, driving your car, eating your food, handling your money, are you grateful?

Take a moment each day to say ‘Thank you’ to your self, to others, to all that is in your life. Do it more than once a day! Do it with each breath! Practice being grateful all ways and watch how easy your life becomes.

Thank you!”

– At One + JM

Today I am grateful for a deep, restful sleep, fuzzy dreams, morning smiles, music, eggs, Doug McGill, healing visions, new ways of thinking and acting, my Magical Manifesting Class participants, Byron Katie, Rosa, the MTA, intuition, my parents and siblings, my book agent and editor, Hay House Publishing and Radio.

Have a wonderfully peaceful Thanksgiving.


Who Are You, Really?

“Now is the perfect time to be you. As you continue to know your self, you rediscover the wonderful, beautiful, outstanding, and magnificent connection that you all ways have to everything. Isn’t it good to know that everything is a part of you?” – At One + JM

I stood on the platform of the subway station at Union Square the other day watching people rush onto the express train.

“I’m glad that’s not me today,” I said to myself.

“But it is you,” I heard myself say in response. “You are each of those people. You are the train. You are the sound of the train. You are the tracks. You are the water on the tracks. You are the stairs, the cracks in the wall, the floor, the smells. All of it is you and you are all of it. There is no separation.”

That was not the first time I’d heard something like that. My initial encounter with the concept of “every thing is one thing” came in the early 1990’s in meditative shamanic visions and through the Amazonian plant medicine Ayahuasca. In those visions I experienced myself merging seamlessly with the cosmos.

For the past few months I’ve been reading and thinking about the All Is One concept in earnest in an attempt to learn more about the inner peace that has welled up in me this year.

In her book A Thousand Names For Joy, Byron Katie writes, “As I noticed the falling-away of the self and saw that it’s construct was absolutely invalid, what remained was humbled through the recognition. Everything dissolved – all that I had imagined myself to be. I realized that I was none of it, that everything I stood for was insubstantial and ridiculous. And what remained from that fell away, too, until finally there was nothing left to be humble about, no one left to be humble. If I was anything, I was gratitude.”

Whatever beliefs you have created in order to identify yourself dissolve in the face of the knowledge that you are no less or greater than that which lies all around.

Humbling indeed. Peace inducing for sure. And yes, bring on the gratitude!


Today I am grateful for homemade soup, time in the garden, writing, storytelling, soft music, sleeping past 9AM, candles, Always Economically Viable, the Sound Circle Project, prosperous new business opportunities, the YMCA, my book agent and editor, Hay House Publishing and Radio.

Thanks and peace to all!


Out of My Mind and Back to My Senses

A deep and gentle breath in through the nose, out through the mouth. Spine long and tall. Chin floating above the center of the chest. Legs crossed. I am open and ready.

Meditation keeps me present, grounded, and aware of what is. The chatter that I often hear throughout my day drifts away as I sit and allow a great wave of silence to wash over me. In that silence I am transported to a vast peacefulness where I may receive valuable information that adds peace to my life when I am not in conscious meditation.

Today I am sharing more of the messages I’ve received during my morning listening sessions. Take what you need. Come back when you want more. The supply is endless!

– “Your ‘success’ is not external, nor is it something you must continuously strive for. Know that success has always been spelled Y O U.”

– “Mind invites you to the party of LIFE.”

– “True LIVING is FEARLESS. Are you open to that?”

– “As your mind expands beyond the self-imposed limits of today, you begin to see that there are no limits. FREEDOM is endless.”

– “There are no boundaries, no worries, no doubts, no fears, no war, no anger or aggression – only openness. Openness of MIND. As you continue to manifest love you will notice that quality more and more and more, and you will see that there is nothing more precious that that feeling, that knowledge. You will guard it like a mother wolf, protect it fiercely, for the price of living without LOVE is now too high.”

– “BE OPEN to what is and you will find that ALL IS WELL.”

– “Inside you there is a jewel. Remember that!”

– “When heart and mind are one on the human plane there are no barriers, no limits, no distortions, no death, no ego, no drama. LOVE KNOWS THAT. Let love guide you. Love truly is the answer. When you are awake and aware then there is nothing but LOVE. When you are open to receive EVERYTHING, then you know what TRUE LOVE is. Be Love. INHABIT LOVE.”


Today I am grateful for my meditation practice, divinely inspired writing, inner and outer peace, my spiritual guides, friendships that last one-minute or many years, love, the Always Economically Viable Community, NYEBN, Robin and Andrew, Facebook, Twitter, abundant and prosperous new business connections, my book agent, editor and publisher, Hay House Publishing and Radio.

Thanks and peace to all!


My Cat Is My Guru

I admit it. I used to call my cat an asshole. I used to do that a lot.

Quite often, when Wicca would do her “Get Up and Feed Me” purr and dance routine around my head at 5 or 6 in the morning, or when she would send things crashing to the floor in yet another attempt to wake me from my blissful slumber, the word asshole would fly out of my mouth as my hands repeatedly pushed her furry face out of my nose, or her paw out of my eye.

My pet’s pet name would also emerge whenever she tore around the apartment in a post-meal frenzy, leaping onto my desk as I worked, jumping up the wall after some invisible playmate, or carelessly smashing things that happened to be in her way.

Late last year my then-boyfriend, in his great wisdom, insisted that I stop calling Wicca an, uh, you-know-what. So as part of my New Year commitments I told myself and God that I would stop that practice.

Over the course of this year I have trained myself to get out of bed when Wicca asks me to, I have allowed myself to enjoy her acrobatic genius, and I have learned to respect (but not always give in to) her desire for attention at all hours of the day and night.

I’m not saying I’ve been a complete name-calling celibate. The a-word has slipped out on occasion, usually when I’ve over-extended myself or am in a hurry. The funny thing is, as my behavior continues to change, I hardly notice what were once Wicca’s terribly bothersome traits.

The other day I spent several hours working from home on my computer. Every now and then I would get up to stretch my limbs, grab a glass of water, and find out what the cat was up to (oh, still napping!). On one of those breaks I found Wicca curled up in the coat I had tossed onto the couch. I bent over her, whispered her name, poked at her ears and woke her. She looked at me and I picked her up. In that moment I froze, aware that I had just done to her exactly what she has done to me on countless mornings. Did she swat at me, push me away, attempt to bite me, or call me an asshole? No. She looked at me, purred and lifted her chin higher as I stroked her neck.

I love my guru housemate.

Today I am grateful for Wicca, a sound sleep, the NY Shamanic Circle, the AEV community, Robin Coley, my laptop, long-term planning, my newest J.O.B., self-confidence, AD, Byron Katie, Rosa, aspirin, my Monday Spin class, new clients, my book agent, editor and publisher, Hay House Publishing and Radio.


Thanks and peace.


Positive Affirmations Help Me To…

“Explain to people that everything they say is an affirmation. Everything they think is an affirmation. Everything! What you want to do is to get control of what you are saying and thinking, so these things bring you good experiences in life rather than rotten experiences.”
Louise Hay, author of the best-selling You Can Heal Your Life, and founder of Hay House Publishing

Positive affirmations help me to stay focused on what I want.

Positive affirmations help me to see how often I am not present to the now.

Positive affirmations help me to believe that everything is possible.

Positive affirmations help me to push beyond my limiting thoughts, patterns and habits.

Positive affirmations help me to be open to receiving all that I ask for.

How do positive affirmations help you?

Would you like to share your affirmations? If so, leave them in the comment section below and I will happily post them.

Today I am grateful for my health, my breath, my bones, my blood, my boundless energy, my birthday, warm November days in NYC, the food in my fridge, quiet nights at home, messages in meditation, my work, my clients, my teachers, and new ideas.


Thanks and peace!


A Powerful and Positive You


‘As you continue to move your life forward into the place that you are dreaming of, please give your self permission to experience the joyfully abundant person that you are NOW.

It does not matter where you were born, what level of education you have, how much money you have, what you own, what your skin color is, how tall you are, or what sex you are. All human beings are capable of creating a life that is powerful and purposeful.

The more POSITIVE you are, the more GRATITUDE you SINCERELY EXPRESS, the more IN LOVE you are with everything, the more you will understand and accept that there are no limits, there never have been limits and there never will be any limits on what is possible.


There is nothing stopping you. When will you BELIEVE that?

Breathe possibility.

All is well.’

– At One and JM

A Fishing for Soul YES! I AM Practice

Sit with your spine as long and tall as possible.
Breathe in gently through your nose and out through your mouth. Give your self time to allow any distracting chatter to slow down.

Close your eyes and begin to create an image in your mind of yourself in a very peaceful, beautiful, happy place, surrounded by things that make you feel safe and secure. It could be in a place in nature, your childhood home, a place that you often dreamed of, etc. From that place, begin to call forth images of the successful, positively prosperous, peaceful and powerful person that YOU ARE NOW and will continue to grow into in the future.

What message do you receive from those images?

Look. Listen. Feel.

Be open.

* * *
Today I am grateful for friends with cars, a healing road trip, Leslie, Fred, Lynn and Greg, abundant silliness, corn bread, Rosa and Mark, the NY State Thruway, connecting with a positive and powerful image of what is possible, birthdays, telling the truth, candlelight, Mexican food, my book agent, editor and publisher, Hay House Publishing and Radio.


Thanks and peace to all, everywhere.