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Are You Allowing or Just Tolerating?

The following insight comes from the Abraham-Hicks book The Law of Attraction:

“The Art of Allowing, which says, I am that which I am, and I am willing to allow all others to be that which they are, is the Law that will lead you to total freedom – freedom from any experience that you do not want, and freedom from any negative response to any experience that you do not approve of.

When you are tolerating, you are not Allowing. They are two different things. One who tolerates is feeling negative emotion. One who is an Allower does not feel negative emotion. And that is a very great difference, for it is the absence of negative emotion that is freedom, you see. You cannot experience freedom when you have negative emotion.”

Are you an Allower, positively letting what is be what is, or do you just tolerate, putting up with something even though underneath you don’t feel good about it?

Today’s Positive Affirmation: “I allow my life to unfold in the most peaceful and prosperous way.”

Have a great weekend!

I am grateful for a fantastic week of living and learning, for the dawn of a new day, hot tea to soothe my throat, sweet dreams that make me smile when I wake up, on-line bill payment systems, an abundance of fresh ideas, new and prosperous business opportunities, my book agent, editor and publisher, Abraham-Hicks for showing me the way and giving me confidence to do what they do over the years, and music to dance to.

Thanks and peace to all!



Who Says Its Not Perfect?

Nothing’s perfect.

Nobody’s perfect.

In a perfect world…

We strive for perfection.

What is up with that? Why do we insist on talking and thinking like that? I asked and I received the following:

“When you see something or someone as less than perfect you take away from the brilliance and beauty that IS.

What is happening NOW is PERFECT. What happened yesterday was perfect.

Can you see that everything is perfect based on your observations? Can you see that your thoughts have created this perfect moment, this perfect outcome, this perfect relationship, etc.? You are what you think, and you and your thoughts are perfect. What do you think about that?”

Byron Katie suggests that we not argue with reality. When we do we may find ourselves experiencing pain. I’m all for less pain, so let’s start allowing what is to be what is.

Todays affirmation: ‘I am enough for myself. I am perfect.’


I am grateful, grateful, grateful for my warm, cozy bed, deep sleep, a healthy body, a clear mind, a heart that gives and receives abundant love, encouragement from friends, food in the ‘fridge, divine guidance, more ‘miracles’ in Haiti, President Obama, new and prosperous business opportunities, my book agent, editor and publisher.

Thanks and peace to all!


Do You Really Want to Worry About That?

Well, I’m back on the blog after my last impulse took me into dreamland on the couch for over an hour. Whew!

Just saw a headline on my Google News home page with a link to a Huffington Post article titled 7 Things About The Economy Everyone Should Be Worried About.

“Really?” I wondered. “Everybody should be worried about that? I don’t think so.”

Now I’ll let my fingers do the walking and see what my inner (outer?) experts say:

“Ask your self, ‘Is that worth worrying about?’ You may respond yes or you may respond no.

We wonder why anyone would want to worry about anything. Does it ever feel good to worry? It doesn’t seem that way.

We wonder what it would be like for you to be worry-free for one day. Are you willing to try that? Maybe you’ll need to tune out the news media, some of your favorite TV shows, some of your family and friends, your co-workers and anyone and anything else that may tempt you and trick your mind into worrying. Of course, no one and no thing can ever make you worry. That’s all up to you, isn’t it?

Perhaps you could create a worry-free zone in your home, a sacred place that is used for peaceful thinking, happy talk, and positively inspiring actions. You could start right here, right now, right where you are sitting at your computer.

Read this positive affirmation and then close your eyes and take three deep, gentle breaths: “All Is Well.”

How did that feel?

Do it again.

How did that feel?

Do it again.

Notice if you try to contradict that statement. Notice if you find something to think about other than All Is Well. Do you see how worrying can start?

You are so brilliant. Change your mind – change your way of thinking – and you will find that everything is well, all ways, even in what you may call the most dire of circumstances.

Try it. You may like it.”

By the way, I read the Huffington Post article. There is nothing to worry about.


Today I am grateful for ‘bad’ news, ideas that excite and inspire me, unusual and interesting business propositions, prosperous new business opportunities, unlimited love that flows to me and through me all ways, a continuing commitment to practice what I teach, my book agent, editor and publisher, a quiet apartment, my computer, my hands, and our beautiful Earth.

Thanks and peace to all!


Your Impulse: Can You Just Give In To It?

Yesterday I wrote about following my impulse in writing. Without a known topic I gave myself permission to let my fingers and hands find their way to the computer keys and I let whatever wanted to appear on the screen show itself. What came out was a few lines about nothing.

Sitting down to write today’s piece I gathered my mental notes and news statistics about the blockbuster film Avatar. When I thought I was ready to type and fill up the page with some cohesive verse about the importance of a movie like Avatar my mind went blank. Then I heard a familiar voice say, “Follow your impulse and do what you did yesterday.”

I ignored the voice, just like I did yesterday, just as I’ve done a million times in my life. Hmm… And at what price?

I’ve decided to embark on what may turn out to be an interesting experiment and let this weeks posts write themselves. It sometimes happens like that anyway. When I go into ‘the creativity zone’ I often wonder who is doing the writing, talking, drumming. singing, etc. Let’s see what comes through today.

“Whenever you find your self resisting your true nature, you may experience discomfort, doubt, fear or uncertainty. Can you really be who you say you are when your heart and mind are at odds with each other, when your ‘true’ self is left to languish?

What on Earth would your life be like if you chose to follow just one impulse each day? Just ONE impulse out of the multitude that attempts to be seen and heard in a 24-hour period. Do you think it would be any more painful to follow an impulse than not to? What are you afraid of? Being wrong? Being right? Failing? Succeeding?

What if you TRUSTED your self enough to break out of the illusion of beliefs that have kept you from living where and how you want to live? Can you imagine what your life – your world – would look like? Can you imagine? Can you? We invite you to TRY.”

OK! There you have it.

Today’s affirmation: “Positive energy flows through me all ways. I live my life the way I want to.”

Today I give thanks to another impulse, my open heart and mind, the thrill of giving in to something that is not so new, anyone and everyone who has ever inspired me by allowing their impulsive genius to shine through, ‘negative’ assessments, my teachers at the New York Shamanic Circle, the Skype video cam, curiosity, chocolate, and my healthy body.


Thanks and peace to all!


This is Nothing

Every once in a while I sit down to write this blog and it seems like nothing will come out of me, nothing will get written and posted.

For this piece I spent some time looking through books, searching the internet, and asking myself, “What’s the topic?”

I noticed at some point that I was not following my impulse to just allow my fingers to move over the keys and see what shows up on the computer screen. It occurred to me that perhaps nothing would get written if I didn’t follow that impulse, and sure enough, ‘nothing’ is what appeared.

“Each and every day there is nothing waiting for you. Each and every day you wake up to a world that expects nothing from you. Each and every day there is an entire galaxy of vastness that is never in need of being filled up.

Each and every day the world sings your song.

Each and every day there is just you, with nothing to do, nothing to say, nothing to think, nothing to be. You are as busy, as bored, as happy, angry or sad as you say you are.

What do you think? Is that enough? Are you enough?”

I’ll admit I read that many times before I felt the truth and strength of those ‘channeled’ words.

So be it.

Monday’s affirmation: I follow my impulses.

Today I am grateful for the nothing that is everything, for the illusions I create, for the healing power of gratitude and forgiveness, for allowing myself to let others be who they are without judgement or expectation, for a world of innocence, curiosity and wonder, for my book agent, editor and publisher, for being open all ways, for the love of friends and family, clients, co-workers, neighbors and strangers.

Thanks and peace to all!


Did You Hear That?

I read somewhere recently about the lack of singing in our society, the lack of people getting together just to make some joyful, musical sounds.

Well, I’m looking to change that.

“Have you truly allowed your self to give voice to your inner song? Have you sung your self to sleep? Have you whispered the song of the wind and rain? Have you opened your heart to the song of another?

When the soul sings, there is only one voice, one song, one sound – yours.”

Sound Circle

An elegant evening of Sacred SoundScapes, Revealing Rhythms, and Vibrant Vocalizations. This is an opportunity to let your heart and soul sing and soar, and your body find it’s groove. The event includes a Shamanic Drumming and Visioning Journey to help you find your ‘true voice’.

When: Fri., Jan. 22nd, Feb. 19th & March 26th, 7-9pm
Where: Nurture’s Path, 1133 Broadway @ 26th St., Suite 1020, NYC
What to Bring: A drum or rattle, maybe a guitar or flute, a notebook & pen, friends (some percussion instruments provided)
Your Investment: $20 payable at the door

If you are in NYC, I hope you will join us. If you are not in NYC, perhaps we’ll travel to you and create some magical sounds together. Now that’s a stupid idea!

Today I am grateful for my voice, my rattles, drums, whistles and bells, Chipotle, my office mate Paulette, my fast(?) typing skills, my book agent, editor and publisher, unusual and prosperous business offers, new clients, the sound of silence, ocean waves, and a beautiful vacation to someplace I’ve never been, and Diesel’s Stupid campaign.

Paz y luz!


It’s Up to You. Be Stupid, Part 2

Those Diesel ads have gotten to me again. Now they have me thinking about my Action/Attraction Plan and my tendency to procrastinate (as duly noted by my ex the other night).

Who’s going to help you reach your goals? How will you be accountable?

“Whenever you set your mind to something there is a chain reaction in the Universe. All systems are set to go, and the ultimate player in the game is you.

You determine how fast or slow the results come. You determine the outcome. You resist or persist.

Ask your self: What do I really want? How do I want that to come to me? What can I do to make it easier for all of my allies to assist me?

Remove any and all obstacles by allowing your self to do what you do best: Create.

Build your Trust Fund by taking positive and powerful steps EVERY DAY until you feel certain that you are where you want to be and can fully support your dream with your positive thoughts, feelings and actions.

Commit to asking for help – all ways and every way.

Let it flow, let it flow and let it go.”

Here are some affirmations that may help you:

1) ‘I am all ways open to receiving what is best for me.’

2) ‘Everything I desire is mine.’

3) ‘There is help for me everywhere I turn.’

And so it is.

Today I am grateful for the ability to stay on track without looking back, Dona Leova’s protection bath, a clear vision and voice, prosperous new business deals, love without conditions, dating, abundant resources that support my dreams, my book agent, editor and publisher, deep sleep.

Paz y luz!