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Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by people who generously share their wisdom and insight with me. Sometimes they are not even aware of the powerful affect that their words have had.

This is a shout out, a grateful salute, a love wave to all of the amazing beings whose words have provided much needed inspiration over the past few months.

‘Duh, Uncle Joe.’ – Noel, my 3-year-old niece

‘Go deeper.’ – Murray Nossel, Narativ, Inc. Storytelling Founder and Facilitator

‘How are you going to fund your dreams?’ – Lisa Nichols

‘Where are you? You seem very far away.’ – a friend

‘Pay attention.’ – a consistent note in my meditations

‘You just need to ask for it.’ – Eugenia

‘No more second best.’ – Robin Coley

What inspiring things have been spoken in your presence lately?

Today’s Powerful and Positive Affirmation is:
“I am open to inspiration and wisdom from unlimited sources.”

Thanks and peace to all!




  Robin wrote @

“Max is my favorite cat, he’s so funny.” – My 3 year old niece

“And one day it all changed.” – My New Client

“Leave that girl named Robin Coley alone Robin Coley!” – Donathen

“This is not as fun as I thought it would be.” – My 10 year old cousin

“I’m so happy listened to myself and I never stopped wearing my converse sneakers to business meetings.” – Doreen

“It’s all in the mind.” – My Father

“The universe may show you the same things over and over again until you start paying attention.” My Sister in Law

“Play, blow bubbles, color in a coloring book, paint rocks.”- My Mother

“The human body is not built for guilt, worry and confusion” At One + Joe Monkman

And I have to say…. my brother’s silence, him holding my hand and his laughter speaks volumes of inspiration.

I’m so blessed!!!! Thanks Joe. xo

  bobbi Williams wrote @

“Aunt Bobbi you are an angel. I just know.” my four year old nephew Jayden
Thank Joe

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