Fishing For Soul

Angling for Spiritual Reconnection

About Fishing For Soul

I started Fishing For Soul as an outlet for magical storytelling, channeled messages, and ideas that are being gathered for a book and workshops of the same name.  The message of the book, workshops and this blog is:

Following your true voice and vision will all ways lead to true happiness and abundance in all areas of life – finances, relationships, etc.

In Fishing For Soul I present true stories from my life that are mystical in nature, experiences that have led to a more intimate relationship with myself and the world around me.  The channeled messages come from a group of energies that call themselves At One, master teachers on the Law of Attraction (what you focus on is what shows up, over and over again!).  The visions I express come from my journeys on a spiritual path that started quite dramatically in 1993, and a career as a motivational guide and coach for those who seek a holistic approach to life expansion and improvement.

I look forward to sharing my vision with a worldwide audience as we move head-on into this wonderful time of renewed hope and prosperity.


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  Wild Bill wrote @

Great read. We’re all unique and different, but I share several similar ideas. The law of attraction is powerful stuff, a fantastic journey. Thanks for sharing.

Dept. Of Having A Good Time,
Wild Bill

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