Fishing For Soul

Angling for Spiritual Reconnection

About Joe Monkman & Earth Spirit Works

Earth Spirit Works is committed to enhancing the prosperity of people and the planet. We provide programs and services that enlighten the mind, energize the body, and renew the health of the spirit. We offer unique opportunities for individuals and groups to explore the self in a sacred and supportive environment. Earth Spirit Works is based in New York City.

Joe Monkman loves to help others get what they want and rediscover their brilliance. He has been guiding individuals and motivating the masses since 1996. Joe’s interest in the healing arts and a deep desire for personal change led to the start of his shamanic journey in 1993, studies with spiritual visionaries in the U.S. and Peru, a career in the fitness industry, a certification in Polarity Therapy, and the creation of nationwide workshops and teleclasses that inspire people to pursue and live their rich vision.



  Kevin Kundratic wrote @

Joe, You have me intrigued! Good work!

  Mark Taylor wrote @

ugh… what!?!

I’ll let ya know later…

  Spiritfoxy wrote @

very intriguing indeed *smile*

  knowledgetoday wrote @

I love your site. Keep it up !

  Mark Taylor wrote @

Joe — My “super”, a very Irish stubborn jewel of a person, attended your class today at 11:00 a.m. Boy, she raved about you! It was all deja vu… I’ve been trying to get her in the pool for over a year! Next Thursday, I’m coming with her!


  Lin Morel wrote @

Hi Joe,

This is the first time I’ve seen your blog. Kudos for the insight and caring you bring to your work and blog. Your transparency and authenticity are refreshing!

In my perspective, Life itself is a shamanic journey we all take, whether conscious or not… Thank you for being there for those following the path to awakening their own inner brilliance.

  Karen Kovacs wrote @

Joe, I just read this page about you, your posts, I must say im very impressed, and proud of you. I never in a million years would of guessed you would of ended up here but im glad you did!!!

  scot wrote @

Please visit my sites, you might find them of interest.
Thank you, JasonScotpatrick

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