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What’s Your Fear Factor?

“When you take a leap into the well of fear, you may notice that things do not feel very good there. When you retreat into that darkness, things may seem overwhelming and impossible. You may become ‘paralyzed’ and find that you are moving AWAY from your dreams instead of INTO them.

What price do you pay when fear takes hold? Notice what happens on the physical level – perhaps constriction of muscle, a tightness in your chest, shallow breathing, or cold sweat. When you are lost in fear, what emotions creep in? Where do your thoughts go? What happens when you are happy and full of excitement?

When you can identify your fears and embrace them with love and compassion, then you will find that the time you spend visiting them DECREASES and the time you spend in excitement, joyful curiosity, wonder, and PURE LOVE INCREASES.

Which would you prefer?” – At One

Today’s Powerful and Positive Affirmation is:
“I live in excitement! Life is so good to me all ways!”

Today I am grateful for the teachings of love vs. fear, prosperous new business ventures, new Spiritual Coaching clients, Murray and Jerome at Narativ Inc. for breakthroughs in storytelling and writing, Lisa Nichols, Ardyss International, Robin, Fred, workshops that are overflowing with participants, gray skies, winter rain, deep sleep and YOU.

Thanks and peace to all!



What Do You Expect?

The New York City subway system is one of my greatest teachers.

The other night I was waiting for the #3 train to take me from 14th St. to my stop uptown in Harlem. The #3 is an express train and on a good night I can make it uptown in less than 30 minutes. Alas, this was not a ‘good’ night – all express and local trains were switched to the local track.

“Well,” I thought angrily, “now it’s going to take me longer to get home than I expected, and I’ve got to pack my bag and prepare my lunch for tomorrow. This sucks. I probably won’t get to bed until 1am.”

As the subway moved slowly uptown I became more irritated. “This train should be moving faster!”

At 23rd St., 34th St., Times Square and several other stops the train was delayed and sat motionless with the doors open. “Those doors should be closing now,” I said aloud.

“Really?” answered my voice in my head. “Should the train really be doing anything but what it’s doing now? You could get up and go to another subway line, take a bus or a cab, or even walk home. What you are doing now is painful.”

I took a deep breath and sat up, long and tall, in my seat. I had been leaning, knees on thighs, shoulders hunched and forward with my head in my hands, rubbing my furrowed brow. I looked at the clock on my Blackberry. I had been lost in stressful thoughts about the train (and a few other things that my negative thinking dug up) for nearly 30 minutes and my body was showing me what happens when my mind takes a stroll into the land of expectation.

“If you think you can lead a happy life by going through your days with a list of expectations, please think again.

There is nothing that is guaranteed to go exactly as you think it should.

‘My kids should behave.’ ‘My husband should keep the bathroom clean.’ ‘The trains should be on time.’ ‘Everyone should be happy.’

Those ‘shoulds’ can lead to disappointment, frustration and anger.

What if you just let things be? Or, ask that things be done or kept a certain way without expecting that they will.

Release your self from the nightmarish grip of expectation and you will find that your ride home is always pleasant and that your heart is filled with gratitude for the way things are. What else is there but what is?” – At One

What expectations are you harboring?

Today’s Powerful and Positive Affirmation is:
“I am open to experiencing everything as it is.”

Thanks go out to Jean at Nurture’s Path for giving me an opportunity to see and say what I’m good at, clients who teach me valuable lessons, a sweaty Spin class, friendly bank tellers, Sound Circle participants who fill the room with sounds of love, waking up to the sun, new and prosperous business, my book agent, editor and publisher, Narrativ Inc., and a chocolate-free day.

Thanks and peace to all.


Do You Manifest More from Love or Fear? (and does it matter?)

Seth Godin posted a blog yesterday titled Is There a Fear Shortage? and it made me think once again about how much time we spend focusing on the positive vs. the negative and how that affects what we manifest.

“It doesn’t matter what you are thinking and feeling, the point is that you are thinking and feeling. The Universe all ways responds to that. It is not good or bad, it just is.

Creating something from fear is often a stressful way to go about it. This is not news to many of you. Creating from love is pure joy. Either way there will be an outcome. Would you prefer to get something done when you are afraid, worried, or uncomfortable? Of course that happens all the time and it affects your physical well-being.

When you switch gears and act from a calm, allowing, soft place there is more room for you to feel good, to relax into the creative process, and to appreciate the results.

Take time to pay attention to your thoughts as you perform even the ‘simplest’ tasks. What emotions are you experiencing? Notice your breath and your posture. Those are all clues to your full body/mind state.

If you are tense or uptight in any way, give your self as much time as possible to shift into a better feeling place. Once you are there, go on and complete the task at hand. Please remember that this applies to EVERYTHING, no matter if you think it is big or small.

Try it. We think you’ll like it.”
– At One + JM

Thanks go out today to the New York Shamanic Circle for the Monday night laughter, JH Callaway for the artful inspirations, my students at the McBurney Y for their hard work at the start of the new year, my breath and body for constant support, creative productivity, tech support, post it notes, meditation, At One, Woom, and all the other invisible support systems.


Thanks and peace to all.


How to Have a ‘Laborless’ Labor Day Weekend


Well here it is, Labor Day Weekend, a time of year that I have often dreaded; the beginning of the end of my favorite season. The good news is that I am not feeling the dread this year. I’m welcoming September with open arms.

Since I’m staying local this holiday, I have been thinking of ways to have a ‘laborless’ weekend. How can I remain active, enjoy myself immensely, and not get caught up in any unwanted business? Maybe it’s about the ‘not doing’, truly letting go of the everyday stuff, and being spontaneous and open to something new or unusual. That sounds like a good intention.

“When you give your self permission to let go and to allow that which is new to come in, you give your self an opportunity to expand your horizons, to expand the energy of heart and mind, to be at one with what is and what could be. You create moments that are fresh and exciting, and that can lead to more and more and more fresh and exciting moments. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your life was lived that way? Do you think it is possible?

Disengage from the norm and you begin to engage something much bigger, something that just may look and feel like the life you have been wanting for a very long time. Go on and try it. What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose.’ – At One


Today I am grateful for the opportunity to sleep a bit later in the morning, a quiet Friday in NYC, September sunshine, a cool breeze, a good book to read, laughter with friends, the beach, family, renewed relationships with people from the past, my book agent, editor, and publisher, Hay House Publishing and Radio.

Thanks and peace!


You Can’t Go Back


I am so grateful for a recent opportunity to look again at a something that in the past left me feeling empty, lost, desperate, angry, and full of self-loathing; a situation that I thought I was finished with quite some time ago.

The main thing that has changed in regard to this situation is – surprise! – the way I THINK about it. I no longer doubt myself in the same way, I value myself much more, and don’t need to ‘fill myself up’ in ways that left me feeling not-so-good.

I wrote about something similar back in May in a post titled ‘Looking Back In Order To Move Forward’:

“It is perfectly fine to rethink your thoughts in regard to any situation. There is all ways an opportunity to learn from the past. Indeed, you may find that there is something that needs to be altered within that can help you navigate this more easily. The ‘trick’ is not to become caught up in your thoughts to the point of distraction.”

Back then I was having very negative thoughts in regard to what what was going on. There are no negative thoughts about what has happened in the past couple of weeks. Why?

“You are now very quick to realize when something feels a bit ‘off’. By that we mean that you could feel where you were not positively aligned, so you set about doing whatever you could to come back to the place of feeling like you were ‘on track’. Isn’t that good news? You said, “I want to know” and the Universe – in the form of your human collaborators – very swiftly gave you the answers.

Indeed, your heart was telling you one thing and you were not fully capable of hearing the message. Your ‘ego mind’ wanted a different result based on the memories of WHAT WAS. But, as you know, what was is not WHAT IS.

It is important for you to remember that time often gives you an opportunity to rethink the story. The old story might seem to feel good, but when you try to apply those old circumstances to where you are now, you find that you, and whoever else is involved, are not on the same page.

Be grateful for the chance to revisit, and be happy that you are moving forward. Indeed, you cannot go back, and that is quite OK.” – At One


Today I am grateful to the past for showing me what a great place now is, for amazing massage therapists who have kept my body feeling so good, a comfortable couch, late night blogging sessions, friends who take time to question themselves, friends who tell me the truth, 80’s alternative rock music, iTunes, Fairway, Amma, my parents and siblings, and an open heart and mind.

Thanks and peace!


Do You Accept or Resist Change?


“See yourself as changing all of the time. Encourage change in others. When you hear yourself uttering a fixed opinion, stop.” – Deepak Chopra

The weather in New York City has been hot and humid this week and we’ve had some amazing thunderstorms. That’s not unusual for late July, at least not from my 19 years of experience as a NYC resident.

Hot. Humid. Storms. Summer. New York City. It makes sense to me.

I heard a bunch of people complaining about the weather the other day and it got me thinking:



Then I was tested on my belief of those thoughts.

This afternoon I stepped out of the subway and into a downpour. I chose to walk in the rain because I wanted to get to my appointment. At first it was easy and enjoyable to wind my way through the dwindling crowds on the sidewalk. It was like a game.

And then the negative thoughts kicked in. I became very annoyed because the condition of my clothes was changing very fast. My shoes, legs, back and part of my bag were getting soaked (an umbrella only covers so much) and I started to think about what I would look like when I arrived at my destination.

I screamed, “I hate this fucking rain!”


As the words emerged I laughed and calmed down. What could I do? The reality was that I was very wet. Soon I would be out of the rain and the drying process would begin. The rain and my wet clothes were a temporary condition. As the saying goes: Nothing lasts forever.

I’m excited about change theses days. I’ve been asking the Universe to help me transform some of my limiting thoughts and behaviors and I’m seeing that my efforts have started to pay off (despite that incident in the rain today!).

At times I’ve resisted the change that I’ve asked for and it has always felt uncomfortable. Why is that?

Here is an explanation:

“Whenever you are consciously asking for an element of your world to expand or contract, you are literally asking your self to expand or contract. The part of you that has lived for many years in the comfort or discomfort of a seemingly steady state often does not want anything to contradict it. Letting go of limitations and allowing something new into your sphere sometimes upsets the apple cart.

As soon as you ‘wake up’ to what is happening you can begin to experience the ease of the transition. It is as if your brilliant mind finally has accepted the new thought pattern. ‘Oh, yes,” it says. “I asked for that. Welcome!” And then the rest of you rushes in to catch up until all of you are playing happily on the same field once more.

It has been our experience that human beings can be very stubborn when it comes to change. The idea of newness often overwhelms and it seems easier for one to retreat into the old pattern and vibration, or so they think.

What would it take for you to become at one with what is happening? How still can you be on the inside when things seem to be spinning all around you?

Chaos is a state of mind. The balance that you seek lives IN YOU. Train your self to always go to that place and you will discover one of the richest treasures of all time.” – With never ending gratitude in an ever evolving world, we are happy to be ‘At One’.

I ask for change and it comes. I don’t ask for change and it comes. I can’t stop it. What a relief to know that! I think I’ll focus on something else now.


Today I am grateful for Deepak Chopra (I found the quote above on Deepak’s Twitter page as I was formulating thoughts about this blog. I love when that happens!), Asher’s intuitive healing gifts, thunderstorms, umbrellas, bright blossoms, the smell of marigolds, fresh salad, new business opportunities, my book editor and publisher, and my parents.

Thanks and peace!


How Bad Do You Want It?


I watched The Secret again last night. It had been more than a year since I’d seen it in it’s entirety and I was once again tingling with excitement as I watched and listened.

While viewing the DVD several things stuck out for me:

1) Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want

2) Let your good feelings guide you

3) Follow your impulses

4) Get out of your way and allow what you want to come into your life

5) Be grateful

6) Ask yourself: How badly do I want change to come?

Sometimes I need to hear things over and over from many different sources before I get it and it sinks (or rises) to another level. Such was the case last night.

A lot of what I write here on Fishing for Soul is channeled information that comes from my meditations. When I want an answer to a question or am ready to add text to the blog I sit and let the words flow from a source that has been speaking to me and through me since 1993. (Read more about that in my blog post titled ‘In the Beginning…’)

The Secret reminds me to pay closer attention to what that source, which I call At One, is saying. So, my intention is to follow more impulses, to focus more on the big picture, and to be more creative in the way I imagine my life.

As At One says:

‘As Life guides and impulses you to move gently to the place that you want to be, your role becomes even more important.

Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Are your thoughts mostly positive minute by minute, or mostly negative? Are those thoughts generating good feelings on a regular basis? Are you sure? Check in and find out.

Clarity is your ally. With clarity by your side you will have no drama to talk about, share and grow.

Make a commitment to YOU and watch as you become more joyful, more healthy, more wealthy, and more of who YOU want to be.

What are you waiting for?”


the secret
By the way, I’m happy to have the original DVD version of The Secret from the summer of 2006 that features Esther Hicks channeling Abraham. If you are not familiar with The Secret and Esther Hicks, I highly recommend that you check out both immediately.

Today I am grateful for The Secret, to Jean for turning me on to The Secret, for Sundays, long meditations, my couch, my cat, Harry Potter, trips to new places around the world, inspiration from unusual sources, Hay House Publishing, the Almost Economically Viable team, my fantastic new high-profile clients, my blockbuster BlogTalk Radio show, and my wildly successful T-shirt line.

Thanks and peace!