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Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by people who generously share their wisdom and insight with me. Sometimes they are not even aware of the powerful affect that their words have had.

This is a shout out, a grateful salute, a love wave to all of the amazing beings whose words have provided much needed inspiration over the past few months.

‘Duh, Uncle Joe.’ – Noel, my 3-year-old niece

‘Go deeper.’ – Murray Nossel, Narativ, Inc. Storytelling Founder and Facilitator

‘How are you going to fund your dreams?’ – Lisa Nichols

‘Where are you? You seem very far away.’ – a friend

‘Pay attention.’ – a consistent note in my meditations

‘You just need to ask for it.’ – Eugenia

‘No more second best.’ – Robin Coley

What inspiring things have been spoken in your presence lately?

Today’s Powerful and Positive Affirmation is:
“I am open to inspiration and wisdom from unlimited sources.”

Thanks and peace to all!



What Are You Doing In That Box?

“When you open to possibility, possibility enters. When you open to YOU, YOU enter.”
– from a meditation on the morning of 2/21/10

I met Lisa Nichols yesterday afternoon. If you don’t know who she is, I highly recommend that you find out (you could start with The Secret or Lisa’s book No Matter What), check out her inspirational story and get into one of her transformational workshops or other events ASAP.

Lisa knocked my socks off when she spoke at Sacred Center NY. I was so impressed I stayed for her 2-hour workshop after the service. By the end of that I was a devotee, so when she asked us to continue the conversation at her hotel room I practically offered to carry her there on my back.

The main thing I took away from that meeting, besides a new business and new business partners – which I’ll share more about soon so that you can share the wealth, was (yet again) “Get Out of The Box!”

“When you limit your self based on beliefs and stories from the past, you take a back seat in your own life.

All of the could haves, should haves, and would haves don’t matter today, right here and NOW. Once you move beyond the shelter of what was, you’ll find that what is and what can be is far more exciting and often more comfortable and prosperous. Love the stories and know that you can leave them behind. You will be just fine without them!

Where in your life are you being quiet and small? What do you want for your self? What kind of life do you dream of living? When will you start living it?

Are you willing to take a chance and jump out of the box once and for all?”

Today’s Powerful and Positive Affirmation is:
“I am in the process of growing the life of my dreams. I have all that I need, all of the time. All is well.”

Big thanks today to Lisa Nichols, Sacred Center NY, Greg Halpen and his Profound Visibility commitment/teachings, NYC libraries, the McBurney YMCA, my breath and body, sugar-free days and nights, sexy men and women who love their bodies, my book agent, editor and publisher, Mondays, and the excitement that new awareness brings.

Thanks and peace to all!


You Irritate the S— Out of Me!

Life is fascinating.

I went to the Cosi café on 13th St. and Broadway on Monday afternoon to have some tea and write about allowing and accepting. As I waited for my computer to boot up I heard a woman sitting near me say to her male companion, “Do you have to say that? You irritate the shit out of me.” Perfect fodder for my blog, I thought.

When I logged on to Cosi’s free internet service, I saw the slogan ‘Cosi: Life Should Be Delicious.’ Hmm… How can life be delicious when we are irritated by the behavior of another?

“When you say that someone is irritating you, you are certainly not allowing them or your self to enjoy what is. A more honest and responsible way to express that would be, ‘I see that I am not happy right now because my thoughts about what you said are irritating me.’

When you identify the source of your irritation, anger, sadness, jealousy, resentment, or fear you can instantly loosen the grip that YOUR THOUGHTS have on you. Yes, it is ultimately your thoughts about any situation that lead to negative feelings and sometimes actions (and words) that cause you to look away from the infinite beauty and excitement of any moment.” – At One

My friend Eduardo is a great teacher. Last year he told me that his goal in life was to be happy. I see that happiness keeps finding him. He holds the intention of happiness and it shows up. Perfect and easy (if you let it be).

We are what we think. What we focus on grows. That’s the Law of Attraction and Manifestation. How is it working for you?

Today’s Powerful and Positive Affirmation is:
“I allow All That Is to be All That Is.”

My thanks go out today to Sunday’s powerful At One Alliance; a pleasurable, love-filled Valentine’s Weekend; coziness at Cosi; the NY Shamanic Circle; the world wide web; sunny days; an abundance of new and prosperous business, my book agent, editor and publisher; chocolate; a clear mind and open heart.

Thanks and peace to all!


Is That Love?

Have you ever noticed that when you try to convince someone that your way of loving / caring / honoring / appreciating / being is the ‘right’ way, it most often feels like something other than love?

What’s up with that?

“If you want someone to see things your way, try first to see things their way. Maybe there is something wonderful about their way that you are overlooking.

Love sees everything as possible. Love allows. Love says, ‘That could be interesting.’

Love also sees that yes and no are equally loving answers. When you say yes when you want to say no, is that love? When you say no when you want to say yes, is that love?

Look inside for the answer. You might find that you love the process and along the way you could rediscover the true essence of love.” – At One

Today’s Powerful and Positive Affirmation is:
“I let love do the work.”

Thanks to all who read this blog, and to those who show us where love truly lives.


Peace and joy –


Why Wait Until Friday?

It’s Friday again, which seems to be a cause for celebration for many people. And why not? Their weekday routine is ending and maybe there will be some excitement, something different (like Sunday’s Super Bowl) to look forward to.

“I’m really looking forward to Friday!”

“Can’t wait until Friday!”

“Thank God it’s Friday!”

What if we applied that same enthusiasm to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and even Saturday and Sunday?

“Imagine saving all of your excitement, all of your positive thoughts, all of your enthusiasm for one day of the week. What if you were to spread that joy around, to give as much value to the other days, to hold Tuesday in as much esteem as you do Friday? What is the difference, really, between those days?

Reclaim the EVERYDAY joy that can be found wherever you are. Whenever you choose to acknowledge it, joy shows up. It’s that easy. Seek and you shall find. Look for ways to make every day a special day.

What are you waiting for?”


Today’s Powerful and Positive Affirmation is:
“I live my life to the fullest every day and in every way. I choose joy.”

Today I give thanks to my clear and concise vision, to Bob and Ancil at the McBureny YMCA for the inspiration for today’s post, home cooked meals, Bank of America, financial freedom, my home at the beach, my book agent, editor and publisher, the presence of ‘the grandmothers’, Jill Anderson at, the alignment of art with business (for fun and profit!).

Please note: The ‘Friday’ image above comes from the blog/web site Life Organizer.

Thanks and peace to all.


The Trouble With Assuming

I visited a wonderful healer named Angelica last Friday. During our time together she used the word assumptions, as in “There were a lot of assumptions in that relationship”. When she said that a huge lightbulb went off in my head and in my heart. Her words timed perfectly (of course!) with what I was tossing around in my head and which was causing, as Angelica said, “congestion.”

What happens when we make assumptions and do not communicate to the other party what we are assuming? That was the focus of a recent meditation and this is what came to me:

“When you allow your self the pleasure of knowing your self, than there is nothing to assume. In other words, know your self, love your self, and anything that is assumed by another will not bother you.

If you are the one doing the assuming, please know that there is all ways the possibility that another’s thoughts and actions may not match what you expect of them. You may assume that the other is very understanding in regard to a certain subject, so you talk and talk and talk about it, only to find much later that the other was only tolerating your behavior, not allowing you to be you, and that tolerance was causing conflicting thoughts and emotions.

Perhaps the best thing to do is to ask, ‘How do you feel about this?’, or ‘What are your thoughts regarding that?’ In this way, you have given your self and the other an opportunity to express what may be kept inside. And then you go on with your day, awake, alert and aware of the infinite possibilities that make up each moment.”

Assume with caution!

Today’s Powerful and Positive Affirmation is: “I allow All That Is to flow through me and to me. I open my heart and mind to endless beauty and abundance.”

A great big gratitude wave to all of the assumers out there, to sunny mid-week mornings, Rosa, Eduardo, Steph, Deborah, my former and future relationships, the power of meditation, prosperous new business opportunities, and my book agent, editor and publisher.


Thanks and peace to all!


How Selfless Are You?

I recently had the great pleasure of being part of a group that organized a fundraiser for a friend in need. Well, quiet honestly, it didn’t always feel like a pleasure. I volunteered to take a leadership role and as things progressed my negative thoughts sometimes got the better of me.

It wasn’t as if I didn’t want to help, I just realized that I was not interested in doing some of the things that seemed to be required of me in order to make the event a ‘success’. So I delegated what I could and as the event date approached I began to loosen up about the remaining tasks.

On the day of the fundraiser I had lots of fun playing cheerleader and rallying attendees to bid on the auction items. “This is what I’m good at,” I thought. “This is what I enjoy.”

So once again I learned a lesson about doing what I love and allowing myself to let go of what I don’t. Super! Then I hit the bonus round: Selflessness.

I realized that as soon as I let go of thinking that the small yet necessary tasks were a bother, and got into the flow of what I love, my energy picked up, and I allowed my ‘true self’ to shine. And that helped me rediscover the pleasure of giving.

As I heard in my meditation,

“One way to be sure that you are acting from a place of pure generosity of spirit is to ask your self why you intend to do the thing that you say you are going to do. From what place inside of you does the desire to do, give, or act come from?

Perhaps when you can learn to do for you then you can truly give in a way that is selfless.

As with many things, that may require practice.

Are you willing to try?”

Sounds good to me.

Today I am grateful for the Jefferson Library, heat and hot water, sunny Mondays, instant messaging, the start of a new month, books, music, memories that make me laugh, my jobs, new and prosperous business opportunities, my book agent, editor and publisher.

Thanks and peace to all!