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This Is To Mother You

I was standing in the kitchen chopping vegetables and listening to an assortment of music from my iTunes catalog last night when the following lyrics from the song This Is To Mother You (written and originally performed by Sinead O’Connor on her Gospel Oak EP) beckoned me to be still and listen closely:

“All mistakes made in distress
All your unhappiness
I will take away with my kiss
Yes I will give you tenderness

For child I am so glad I found you
Although my arms have always been around you
Sweet bird although you did not see me
I saw you.”

Although I’ve heard the song dozens of times I was absolutely mesmerized. Following an impulse and a recognizable call to sit in meditation, I hit the replay button on the iTunes program and walked into my dark living room in time to see the moon – half full, golden and looming large in the sky – nestled between two buildings. I sat on the floor and closed my eyes. Images of what I call the Divine Mother began to surface. The Virgin of Guadeloupe, Kuan-Yin, Kali, and an infinite number of energies that called themselves ‘the grandmothers’ sang to me and caressed me.

“All the pain that you have known
All the violence in your soul
All the wrong things you have done
I will take from you when I come”

Memories of tender and nurturing moments with lovers, friends, and family brought tears of joy to my eyes.

“And I’m here to mother you
To comfort you and get you through
Through when your nights are lonely
Through when your dreams are only blue
This is to mother you”

Sometimes I find it best not to question those experiences, so I just let it unfold. When I went to bed I could still hear the voice of ‘the grandmothers’ and see their light shining brightly over my arms, legs and head.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

Who is mothering you?

Today’s Positive and Powerful Affirmation is:
“I mother myself all ways.”

Today I am grateful for divine guidance, mothers all other the world and beyond, trust, Sinead O’Connor, music that moves me, a soft touch, dreamless sleep, early morning inspirational talks, Pandora, Nurture’s Path, deep breaths, and home-cooked meals.

Thanks and peace to all.


It’s Up to You. Be Stupid, Part 2

Those Diesel ads have gotten to me again. Now they have me thinking about my Action/Attraction Plan and my tendency to procrastinate (as duly noted by my ex the other night).

Who’s going to help you reach your goals? How will you be accountable?

“Whenever you set your mind to something there is a chain reaction in the Universe. All systems are set to go, and the ultimate player in the game is you.

You determine how fast or slow the results come. You determine the outcome. You resist or persist.

Ask your self: What do I really want? How do I want that to come to me? What can I do to make it easier for all of my allies to assist me?

Remove any and all obstacles by allowing your self to do what you do best: Create.

Build your Trust Fund by taking positive and powerful steps EVERY DAY until you feel certain that you are where you want to be and can fully support your dream with your positive thoughts, feelings and actions.

Commit to asking for help – all ways and every way.

Let it flow, let it flow and let it go.”

Here are some affirmations that may help you:

1) ‘I am all ways open to receiving what is best for me.’

2) ‘Everything I desire is mine.’

3) ‘There is help for me everywhere I turn.’

And so it is.

Today I am grateful for the ability to stay on track without looking back, Dona Leova’s protection bath, a clear vision and voice, prosperous new business deals, love without conditions, dating, abundant resources that support my dreams, my book agent, editor and publisher, deep sleep.

Paz y luz!


Come Out Of Hiding

My friend Greg has declared this year to be The Year of Profound Visibility. When I read his blog about the topic , it prompted the following meditation message.

“When you say that you want to be seen and heard, the immediate response of the Universe is to provide you with an abundance of opportunities to be that.

When you say that you want to come out of hiding and let the world see you for who you are, the Universe responds by bringing you home to you, asking you to acknowledge the beauty, the intelligence, the wit and the charm that is you.

When you say that now is the moment, the Universe says, “Every moment is the moment, every moment that passed was THE moment, and now you are knowing that.”

Let the Universe (which includes your friends, family, co-workers, the person you bump into on the street, the traffic, the sunshine, the clouds, the mountains, the streams, the stones, the animals at the zoo, etc.) show you who you are. Your job is to embrace it (or not!) – ALL OF IT – with love. You love you and all that is around you, and then you will be seen and heard and felt and acknowledged and loved and welcomed, and then – surprise! – none of it will even matter because there is no one, no thing that can see you or hear you but you.

Come out of hiding. Stop hiding from your self and open your arms to All That Is. What else is there?”

OK! I’ll meditate on that.

Thanks to Greg for the profound inspiration, Fred for the focus that comes with a daily action call, Robin for sending and resending info that sometimes eludes me, Holly for cooking, my guru cat for teaching me about asking for what I want, my hands and feet, my breath, my heart and lungs, my Y students, and a good nights sleep.

You can read more about Greg’s success plan on his web site,The Gay Guys Love Coach.

What Will the Next Step Be? Lessons From the Inca Trail

Day 11 of the new year. Now what?

I’m continuing my decluttering project. The space around me is changing. I’m taking steps to move many things that get in my way – thoughts, papers, etc.

A couple of weeks ago while I was at the gym sweating my butt off on the elliptical machine and thinking about the effort I was putting into it, my mind grabbed a memory from 1999 when I walked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru for the first time.

I had been hiking for a couple of days and had reached a part of the trail that has many steps leading up, up, up. The altitude (9,000 to over 13,500 feet) on the Inca Trail makes trekking a challenge for even the most experienced of hikers. At one point I stopped to catch my breath on a flat stretch and looked ahead. When I did I was immediately overwhelmed by what I saw: more steps. Fatigue set in. I drank some water. I looked at the steps again and a voice said, “Just focus on one step at a time. Do not look ahead.” I took a step up and did as suggested. My breathing and thoughts relaxed, and my strength returned.

Last week I related that story to my mentor. She asked me to stop when I told her about the instructions I was given. “Repeat that,” she said. The words changed as I spoke them and echoed in my head: “There is nothing more important than the step you are taking NOW.”

At Rosa’s suggestion I wrote that down and am holding the words close to my heart, one day at a time, one step at a time, one breath at a time.

Today I am grateful for the many lessons learned in the Andes Mountains of Peru from 1998-2004, to Mallku and Lorna, to Rosa for teaching me about never-ending love, my strong legs and breath, money that appears in the most ‘unusual’ places, teachings in dreamtime, At One, Woom, Con Ed, mental health days, the food on my table and in the ‘fridge, hands that are open to receive, and my book agent, editor and publisher.

Amen! Thanks and peace to all!


Are You Doing It?

What are you doing now? Are you taking action toward your new years goals? Are you committed to getting past the 6-week mark that the majority of new year resolution makers fail to get beyond in order to see your dreams manifest?

The other morning before I left home for the day I spent some time working on my goal of decluttering my home office. It’s part of my overall Success Plan. My habit of piling papers is getting old (again) and I’m determined to stick to my new system. After setting a timer for 30 minutes to concentrate soley on ridding my space of the build-up, I picked up one paper at a time and did not pause until I found it a home – in the recycle bin, in a file, or elsewhere – anywhere but into another pile. At the end of the allotted time I had made great progress.

An hour later I was sitting on the downtown #3 train thinking about what I’d accomplished. I looked up and saw an advertisement for the School of Visual Arts. In bold letters was one word: do

How are you sticking to your goals? What’s your plan?

Below are four easy ways to stay motivated and on track:

1) Create a Vision Board that depicts your realized dreams in image form and post it in a prominent place in your home or office.
2) Begin or resume a daily practice of listening and sitting quietly for at least five minutes each day as you follow the flow of your breath and your thoughts. (Some people call this meditation.)
3) Call upon your support team, which could include friends, family, co-workers, a therapist, or spiritual guide when you feel out-of-sorts, confused, sad, happy, have had a breakthrough, would like company, are in need of a hug, want to share a dream, etc.
4) Acknowledge and celebrate all of your achievements.

Here’s a bit of inspiration from Tracy Chapman:

“If not now what then
We all must live our lives
Always feeling
Always thinking
The moment has arrived”

Today I am grateful to Barrett Benton for cleaning up my laptop and restoring my internet connection (call him for excellent tech service if you are in NYC), Holly for the laughs, company and food, my warm apartment, new beginnings, long walks on the beach that is within walking distance from my bungalow, Fairway Market, the MTA, all of the new places where I will be teaching this year, God, my book agent, editor and publisher.

Thanks and peace to all!


Are You Ready For The Big One?

“Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ballpark.”
– David Ogilvy

I can’t help myself. I’m thinking big and I’m excited about it. It’s a new year and a new decade and I’m ready for it to be HUGE. How about you?

“Be imaginative, bold and brave! The results may surprise you.” – Jim Allen

On New Year’s Eve I began a three-day Visioning Retreat (brought on by my desire to ring in the new year in quiet contemplation and the worst case of sneezing and sniffling I’ve had in a long time). It was a continuation of a process that had begun just before Christmas. I took time to reflect on the past year and ask myself where I want to be in 1, 5 and 10 years and how I might get there. It was a rewarding experience and now, on Jan. 4, 2010, as I embrace more fully my brilliance as a speaker, writer, instructor and guide, and prepare to ‘take the show on the road’, I ask myself to do exactly what I ask my clients to do:

1) Tell the Universe what you want (in a positive, ‘I AM POSSIBLE and DESERVING’ voice.)
2) Make a commitment to yourself and the manifestation of your goal.
3) Stay focused on your rich vision.
4) Take empowering action toward your goal everyday, and in every possible way.
5) Allow yourself to receive all that you ask for.
6) Be grateful for everything.
7) Acknowledge yourself.
8) Celebrate each and every achievement.

With those Law of Attraction principles set in motion I fully realize and accept that the Universe has many forms of showing me the way, and that each moment on the path is beautiful and perfect if I choose to see it like that. As Pema Chodron says, “To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest. To live fully is to be always in no-man’s-land, to experience each moment as completely new and fresh.”

What BIG, BOLD idea, dream, goal is inspiring you? What actions will you take to see it manifest?

And so it is.

Today I am grateful for big dreams, big actions and big results, unexpected colds that keep me at home, a clean and clutter-free office,
my support team (visible and invisible), hours and hours of music, candlelight, Yogi Tea, my book agent, editor and publisher, my motivational speaking gigs, an abundance of weekly clients, and smiles from strangers.

Thank YOU. Breathe peace!


Thanks for the Reminder Madonna!

‘Say what you like, do what you feel
You know exactly who you are
The time is right now
You got to decide
Stand in the back or be the star.’

– from Madonna’s Beat Goes On

Yes, I’m quoting a line from a Madonna song. I’ve been listening to 2008’s Hard Candy on my iPod during my workouts at the gym. The music, especially Beat Goes On, inspires me to move faster and push a little harder. The quoted lyrics have also grabbed my attention as I review this soon-to-be-ending year and decade, and look forward to 2010.

As the new year approaches I am envisioning myself in some new, unexplored geographical locations, growing my business as I speak in bigger venues, reaching more people through my J.O.B., forming new and powerful professional and personal alliances (that would mean I’ve got a new love, baby), and happily sharing more of myself with the world as I shine brighter and brighter.

I am ready. I am willing. I am open.

Madonna’s song rings in my ears: ‘The time is right now, You got to decide, Stand in the back or be the star.’

There is no time like right now to step into your greatness. Go on, be the star. What are you waiting for?

I’d like to send a shout out to my Facebook friend Thomas who often quotes Madonna song lyrics in his status updates to great affect. Thanks for your humor, intelligence, and inspiration Thomas! Rock on.

Today I am grateful for my Facebook friends and their endless stream of humor and insights, the world wide web, my computer skills, Jennifer at the new mani/pedi place in Chelsea (thanks for the tip Leslie!), my dentist, clean sheets, heat and hot water, my happy cat, bare trees, my body and breath, and the god/goddess in all things.


Thanks and peace to all!