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Who Says Its Not Perfect?

Nothing’s perfect.

Nobody’s perfect.

In a perfect world…

We strive for perfection.

What is up with that? Why do we insist on talking and thinking like that? I asked and I received the following:

“When you see something or someone as less than perfect you take away from the brilliance and beauty that IS.

What is happening NOW is PERFECT. What happened yesterday was perfect.

Can you see that everything is perfect based on your observations? Can you see that your thoughts have created this perfect moment, this perfect outcome, this perfect relationship, etc.? You are what you think, and you and your thoughts are perfect. What do you think about that?”

Byron Katie suggests that we not argue with reality. When we do we may find ourselves experiencing pain. I’m all for less pain, so let’s start allowing what is to be what is.

Todays affirmation: ‘I am enough for myself. I am perfect.’


I am grateful, grateful, grateful for my warm, cozy bed, deep sleep, a healthy body, a clear mind, a heart that gives and receives abundant love, encouragement from friends, food in the ‘fridge, divine guidance, more ‘miracles’ in Haiti, President Obama, new and prosperous business opportunities, my book agent, editor and publisher.

Thanks and peace to all!



Where Does Pleasure Lie?

Pleasure is very seductive. I have found myself caught completely off guard by it, sometimes quite happily, other times not so much. I have been lost in it, loving it, not wanting it to end but knowing it would.

It happened again recently, and afterward I tried to deny the joy that stirred inside of me. It was very painful.

I was grateful to come across the following quote by Byron Katie in her book A Thousand Names for Joy:

“Usually pleasure is a subtle form of discomfort, because even as you’re enjoying sex or food, for example, you cling to your enjoyment; you want it to last, you want more of it, or you’re afraid of losing it even as it’s happening. The difference between pleasure and joy? Ohhh…the difference is from here to the moon – from here to another galaxy! Pleasure is an attempt to fill yourself. Joy is what you are.

In meditation I discovered a similar theme:

“”Have you ever noticed that when you say no to something that will truly bring you pleasure you do not always feel so good?

Pleasure is the pathway to you. Can you allow that to manifest?

In every moment there lies an opportunity to feel the pleasure of what is. Take away the doubt and fear. Let your most intuitive self guide you to where the pleasure all ways lies waiting – inside of you.”

And so it is.

Today I am grateful for an abundance of pleasure, pre-dawn stillness, morning meditation, action calls, understanding the Law of Attraction, dreaming big dreams, the gym, Yogi Tea, the delete key on my laptop, the ability to press send, prosperous business opportunities, my book agent, editor and publisher.

Thanks and peace to all!


What Is Your New Year’s Resolution?

What is your New Year’s resolution? Have you even begun to think about additions, deletions, or tweaks here and there for 2010? Do you want to? Do you need to?

According to the ProActiveChange web site, “40 to 45% of American adults make one or more resolutions each year.

Among the top new years resolutions are resolutions about weight loss, exercise,” and to stop smoking. “Also popular are resolutions dealing with better money management / debt reduction.

The following shows how many of these resolutions are maintained as time goes on:
– past the first week: 75%
– past 2 weeks: 71%
– after one month: 64%
– after 6 months: 46%

While a lot of people who make new years resolutions do break them, research shows that making resolutions is useful. People who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t explicitly make resolutions.”

Good to know. Perhaps you can combine those statistics with this:

“As you move through your day and into a shining new year, we invite you to imagine the lifestyle you desire. Picture it. Feel it. Yes! You are living it right now. As soon as you see it in your mind, All That Is gathers the momentum and moves it into your energetic field.

Keep your self in tune with what is and what can be.

You ARE possible.” – At One and JM

I caught this quote in Byron Katie’s book A Thousand Names For Joy:

“”I wouldn’t give myself less than the best of what is available at any moment.”

Now what was your resolution?

Today am I grateful for time to reflect on the new year, abundant smiles, the #3 train, quiet nights, sunny days, my book agent, editor and publisher, House Publishing and Radio, understanding the Law of Attraction, falling down and getting up, the gym 3 blocks from my apartment, my nieces and nephews who continuously make me laugh and teach me about playfulness and their parents for having the courage to bring those amazing beings into this world.

Thanks and peace to all!


Life Is Your Shopping Center. Are You Getting What You Want?

Two days until Christmas! Does that strike fear in you or send shivers of excitement up and down your spine? Are you still running around trying to find the ‘perfect’ or ‘last-minute’ gift? Are you wondering what Santa will bring you? Are you stressed or delighted?

I’ve been doing my best to stay out of the way of frantic shoppers here in New York. Three hours in Macy’s Herald Square on the last weekend before the holiday can cure any would-be gift buyer. I highly recommend that place if you’d like to witness some silly shopper shenanigans.

I’ve also been doing whatever I can to make sure that my mind is clear about what is always available to me at Christmas and all through the year: EVERYTHING.

That rang in my head and heart last week as I sat in meditation and heard these words: “”Life is your shopping center. Life is your ultimate on-line resource for all goods and services. Just log-in and you will discover a world full of EVERYTHING.”

Yesterday I was reading Byron Katie’s book A Thousand Names for Joy on the subway when this line grabbed me again: “You can’t have it, because you already are it. You already have what you want, you already are what you want. It appears as this now – perfect, flawless.”

My affirmation for the week is: I have all I want and need. Everything flows to me and through me with great ease.

Now on to one of my favorite heart string tugging tunes of the holiday, Do They Know It’s Christmas? The song is 25 years old! Check out Sting, Bono, George Michael, Boy George and others gathering to raise funds for people affected by famine in Ethiopia.

Today I am grateful for the joy that Christmas brings, for kindness and generosity, holiday music, memories of Christmases past, late night’s with a good book, snow, dreams of a hot beach, playfulness, my body and breath, my home, my work, and my computer.

Happy Christmas and peace to all!


Who Are You, Really?

“Now is the perfect time to be you. As you continue to know your self, you rediscover the wonderful, beautiful, outstanding, and magnificent connection that you all ways have to everything. Isn’t it good to know that everything is a part of you?” – At One + JM

I stood on the platform of the subway station at Union Square the other day watching people rush onto the express train.

“I’m glad that’s not me today,” I said to myself.

“But it is you,” I heard myself say in response. “You are each of those people. You are the train. You are the sound of the train. You are the tracks. You are the water on the tracks. You are the stairs, the cracks in the wall, the floor, the smells. All of it is you and you are all of it. There is no separation.”

That was not the first time I’d heard something like that. My initial encounter with the concept of “every thing is one thing” came in the early 1990’s in meditative shamanic visions and through the Amazonian plant medicine Ayahuasca. In those visions I experienced myself merging seamlessly with the cosmos.

For the past few months I’ve been reading and thinking about the All Is One concept in earnest in an attempt to learn more about the inner peace that has welled up in me this year.

In her book A Thousand Names For Joy, Byron Katie writes, “As I noticed the falling-away of the self and saw that it’s construct was absolutely invalid, what remained was humbled through the recognition. Everything dissolved – all that I had imagined myself to be. I realized that I was none of it, that everything I stood for was insubstantial and ridiculous. And what remained from that fell away, too, until finally there was nothing left to be humble about, no one left to be humble. If I was anything, I was gratitude.”

Whatever beliefs you have created in order to identify yourself dissolve in the face of the knowledge that you are no less or greater than that which lies all around.

Humbling indeed. Peace inducing for sure. And yes, bring on the gratitude!


Today I am grateful for homemade soup, time in the garden, writing, storytelling, soft music, sleeping past 9AM, candles, Always Economically Viable, the Sound Circle Project, prosperous new business opportunities, the YMCA, my book agent and editor, Hay House Publishing and Radio.

Thanks and peace to all!


What Are You Grateful For Today?


“The litmus test for self-realization is a constant state of gratitude. This gratitude is not something you can look for or find. It comes from another direction, and it takes you over completely. It’s so vast that it can’t be dimmed, or overlaid. The short version would be ‘mind in love with itself.’ It’s the total acceptance and consumption of itself reflected back at the same moment in the central place that is like fusion. When you live your life from that place of gratitude, you’ve come home.”
Byron Katie, A Thousand Names For Joy

This year more than any other I feel like I have touched that eternal place of gratitude that Byron Katie speaks of. I have many people (I’ll start with myself!), events, and situations to thank for helping me to achieve that feeling. Each time I experience it I am overcome with a sense of oneness, deep connection, and serenity. That sense of gratitude always brings tears to my eyes, no matter how long it lasts, and no matter where I am. It stops me in my tracks and nearly takes my breath away before asking me to breathe deeply, to see the magnificence all around me, and to hear the heartbeat of all things. It gives me a glimpse into what peace and acceptance really are.

In the video below, Dr. Wayne Dyer reminds us of a few things we can be grateful for:

“Certainly, when you feel the deepening of your own gratitude, you are touching the pulse of a reality that exists throughout the Universe. The never-ending joy that is possible when you are immersed in gratitude allows you to consciously create more and more and more of that which you are grateful for. Isn’t it nice to know that one moment of gratitude can yield hundreds of moments more that are similar? How open are you to that?” – At One + JM


(I found the Gratitude image at the top of this post at Twin Muses creates ‘greener greeting cards.’ I highly recommend that you check out the web site and look at the Gratitude, Hope and Breathe cards – among many other inspiring works. Thanks!)

Today I am grateful for a daily gratitude practice, my parents, siblings, friends and mentors, Byron Katie, a clutter-free office, my students and clients, new business opportunities, my life partner, sex, the ability to think and act ‘out of the box’, Sunday music sessions, the gym, all of the money that I have now and that is on the way, my book agent, editor, and publisher, Hay House Publishing and Radio.

Thanks and peace to all, everywhere!


What Have You Discovered About Yourself Lately?


“Every one of us has in him a continent of undiscovered character. Blessed is he who acts the Columbus to his own soul.” ~Author Unknown

Monday was Columbus Day and it got me thinking about discovering and conquering. As I considered my latest self-discoveries and what I’ve conquered this year, I encouraged my fitness class participants to use their exercise time to discover something new about the body and it’s amazing abilities, and to conquer a new challenge – do an extra pushup, push a bit harder in the Spin class. Some realized that physical limits often exist as a strong beilef and nothing more. That’s good news!

“And every time you question what you believe, you become a kinder human being.” – Byron Katie

I’m reading Byron Katie’s A Thousand names For Joy – Living in Harmony with the Way Things Are. It reminds me once again of how much has changed in my life this year – 10 short months – and how grateful I am to all who have been a part of my evolution. That’s a good reminder!

One of the greatest things that has happened for me on this journey of self-discovery is that I no longer believe a lot of the old stories that I used to tell myself. I seem to have conquered those ‘demons’. Or so I think. Maybe I’ll discover that there is more work to do there and then I’ll conquer yet another old fear, limiting thought, or self-destructive pattern. That’s an interesting thought!

I went back to my hometown last weekend. I sat in my parent’s house looking at the familiar and unfamiliar things that fill it. I took my three-year-old niece to the the elementary school that I attended and we ran together around the playground and across the soccer filed. I saw myself as a 6, 8, and 10 year-old running around that field that once seemed so vast, competing with ghosts from the past. “I’m certainly not that little boy anymore,” I said to myself (yes, that was relief you heard). That’s reality!

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” ~Nelson Mandela

I like to celebrate myself and my achievements. I’ve been buying myself flowers again (lilies) and enjoying the aroma that fills my apartment. I bought myself a gift on Sunday – a book that I’ve been wanting to read for quite some time. I was reading it on the subway yesterday and was happily lost in the world that the author created. That’s so rewarding!

And so it goes…

What have you discovered and conquered lately? How will you celebrate your achievements?


Today I am grateful for The Work of Byron Katie, time to read, new business opportunities, my amazing clients, an abundance of cash, my warm bed, friends and family, letting go of the past, my beautiful life partner, iContact, Robin and Melea, an island getaway in December, my book agent, editor and publisher, Hay House Publishing and Radio.

Thanks and peace!